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NHL 09 Fact Sheet
Product Description

EA SPORTS™ welcomes you to the future of sports gaming with NHL®09. Building on NHL 08 – winner of 7 Sports Game of the Year awards – EA SPORTS continues to evolve the NHL franchise with innovative control enhancements, added depth and accessibility.
NHL 09 brings Be A Pro to the ice, which allows gamers to step on the ice as themselves through a dynamic camera angle in two compelling modes. In the single player offline Be A Pro Mode you will earn your own hockey card as you progress from the AHL to the NHL. NHL 09 will also be the first true console sports massively multiplayer online game allowing you to assemble a team online featuring your created player and five friends in the new EA Sports Hockey League.
The Skill Stick system from the past two NHL games evolves yet again in NHL 09 to bring precision control to the defensive side of the puck. The all new defensive skill stick gives you 360° control over your stick’s movement. Block passing lanes, poke check more effectively and for the first time ever, lift an opponent’s stick to prevent a shot.
Take a proven formula, sprinkle on some innovation, throw in a whole new way to play and see for yourself why every EA SPORTS gamer will love NHL 09.
Key Features
  • Defensive Skill Stick— NHL 08 gave you true offensive prowess with the Skill Stick, and this year we’re giving you the power to stop it. Block passing lanes with 360° control of your stick or kill an opponent’s one timer game by lifting their stick just before they receive a pass. 
  • Be A Pro—NHL 09 will put you on the ice with a dynamic new 3rd person camera as you play the role of one player on a team.  Our Performance Tracker will   rate your play in over 60 (confirm) categories, both online and offline, to make sure you know what parts of your game need to improve. 
    Offline, Be A Pro starts your career off in the ranks of the AHL and challenges you to become one of the best in the NHL. Your very own hockey card will mark your progress, from your rookie beginnings to a potentially legendary ending. 
  • EA SPORTS Hockey League—Jump into the EA SPORTS Hockey League and become part of the evolution of online team play Take your created player online and join a team with friends, or scout for players. Featuring 6 vs. 6 online team play*, the ability to level up your player, tournament brackets, and awards at the end of every season - you can become the first great name in videogame hockey.
  • NHL 94 Controls—Hit, pass, shoot, andscore using the simplified two-button control system featured in NHL 94. Now even players new to the game can challenge the best of the best. 
  • Interactive Tutorial System—Ideal for newcomers to the game, or the sport in general, this all-new system will teach you how to shoot, skate and deke before you hit the ice. In addition, in-game hints will pop up to help you to keep on track.
  • Create-A-Play Breakouts— The ice is your canvas and it’s up to you to paint a winning strategy in both online and offline play. Create breakout plays from your own zone or set up behind your net and tell your right winger to look for the flip dump from the defenseman
  • Check Hard and Fight— An All-new physics-based checking and fighting engine featuring more than 300 new animations brings a higher-level of intensity to the game. Watch players reach for the ice to soften their fall or simply get laid out on their back when you catch them with their head down in open ice. Circle your opponent, grab his jersey and settle a mid-game score.
  • One-handed Dekes— NHL 09 adds another weapon to you offensive arsenal – the one handed deke. When you are skating in on a breakaway tap the puck to one hand and tuck the puck behind a sprawling goalie for the ultimate finish.
  • Media Hub –Upload your best highlights to EA SPORTS World and take screenshots for your hockey card. Personalize your game experience by using your own music in every arena during team intros, after goals, and more.
Product Specifications
Publisher:        Electronic Arts Inc.
Developer:       EA Canada
Ship Date:       September 2008
Rating:             Rating Pending
* INTERNET CONNECTION required for online play. Online play may not be available on all platforms. Not all features available on all platforms. See product pack for details.
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