Supremacy MMA Preview

Featuring 16 different fighters with 10 total fighting styles, Supremacy hopes to remind gamers of the early days of the UFC where big, burly wrestlers, boxers or street brawlers used to step into the ring against tiny jujitsu and kung-fu masters to see which fighting discipline was king. When I asked if any fighters would have an advantage over others, I was assured that the game is incredibly balanced. In fact, the team at 505 flew in the ex-Tekken World Champion to play the game for months to ensure no character would overpower another.

Each fighter has 150 moves and combos he or she can unleash, and each has an over-the-top finisher that has the ability to break an opponent's bones Mortal Kombat style.

There are no refs in Supremacy to stop the fight, so pretty much anything goes. This means head stomps and brutal face punches when a fighter can not defend himself. The tone of the combat is much darker than a typical MMA fight, with matches occuring in warehouses and a dingy bar.

The game looks smooth, running at 60 frames per second, and fighters have a distinctly different build that is dependent on their fighting style. As a match progresses, bruises begin forming on punished body parts and blood will begin pouring from cuts, individual drops pooling on various body parts. Transition animations look natural, and it was quite impressive to watch the developers execute brutal move after brutal move.

Each of the game's characters contains a gritty storyline that players will have the pleasure of experiencing at their own pace. As you progress through the stories, you gain experience points by completing tasks like Call of Duty online. This XP allows for the purchase of special outfits and ring gear that can then be taken online to show off just how skilled you are. XP can also be earned through any of Supremacy's other game modes, including the Bloodsport style tournament mode.

Speaking of online, I was told that the game features a true-skill system so that fighters will be paired against those of their same skill level. In addition, there are no created wrestlers.

Final Thoughts

I didn't get any hands-on time with the game, but based on what I saw, it is shaping up nicely. I can definitely see the game appealing to those looking to pick up and play a story-based MMA game, and are looking for some fast-paced gameplay.

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# 1 allBthere @ 06/17/11 01:33 AM
too bad you didn't get to play yourself.

I'll be interested as long as it's not TOO much like traditional fighter's.
# 2 CX1329 @ 06/18/11 08:18 PM
Tekken meets MMA? Sounds like great fun to me, if the execution proves to be good. I'll be on the look out for this title.

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