NCAA Football 09 Preview (Xbox 360)
dmeyer25: Does Georgia Tech or Nebraska have alternates and if so what are they? Thanks.

Georgia Tech has Old Gold Top or White Top. Nebraska has Scarlet Top, White Top or All White.

eaglesfan27: Steve,

Yesterday, you mentioned that you had only seen 1 pick 6 (unless I misunderstood your answer). On average, how many CPU thrown interceptions are you seeing per game?

Thanks for taking the time to do this.

AI has thrown, on average, 2 INT's per game. I've seen as many as 4 in 7 min. qtrs and I've actually seen a game where the AI didn't throw a single pick. So far in my time of playing, I've seen 2 pick 6's now. TONS better than last year, as the AI throwing picks in general was extremely annoying.

papernut: Any updates on the turnover issues (Fumbles, Ints) from the games you have played lately?
Deep passing from the AI?

I'm happy to report the INT's and fumbles have been toned down. As for the AI passing deep, I'm still not seeing a lot of it.

BSherrod: How many alternate jerseys does Oregon have and what combinations?

How is the deep ball? Can you overthrow receivers now?

Once you select the roster for Online Dynasty can you upload another later on?

Thanks Steve.

Hmmm...How many questions was that...

Oregon has All White, Yellow Top, White and Black or Emerald Green Top.

Yes, you can overthrow the deep ball. I've overthrown my WR coming across the middle w/ no pressure on my QB. (Which is cool, btw)

Haven't messed w/ online dynasty yet, but plan to against some IGN, GameSpot and other guys w/ the game. Some setup that EA has put together for us.

Ruff Ryder: You said in yesterday's impressions that the CPU had a much improved passing game and was throwing around a 70% completion rate.

Now last year every CPU QB always lit me up. Even the most pedestrian QBs could complete 70-80% of their passes. I would have QBs throwing against me 22/29 with 3 INTs, but regardless, I rarely ever had a QB throw for 50% or less against me. Is the high completion percentage a problem this year or is it attributed to poor pass coverage?

I think it's my defense, but as I play, the %'s are going down more. I'm not the greatest at defense, as a few I've played can attest to.

drlw322: just wondering if there were any improvements made to my shrine. if there are, what are they?

such as if you can save more than 5 plays per game, if there is a play list or watch play in full screen. because last year the same two or three plays would cycle through the jumbo tron. thanks again steve appreciated.

Let's see, I didn't play w/ it much last year, but here are some things that might be of interest. In the EA Sports Highlights shrine, you can upload I believe up to 5 for each mode, which include Play Now, Online, Dynasty, Online Dynasty, Campus Legend, Mascot Mashup and Mini-Games. Looks like 10 snap shot photos can be taken, looks like you can save 5 videos per game.

I Peench: Just a real general question. After reading your day 1 report it seems like there are lots of annoying little issues with the game. Being a Beta copy, how likely will it be that some of these issues will end up resolved when the game goes gold? While I know it might be hard to predict what exaclty gets changed, how different are beta versions from the gold? With EA sports games, is there typically a substantial difference? Thanks for all your help!

From my gameplay experience, what I'm playing now, is pretty much what you guys will be playing, other than maybe a few roster rating tweaks here and there, along w/ a few other very small things. But, this is the earliest I have ever received beta, so there might be some time, but like I said, I seriously doubt it. I'm sure patches will be available, soon after release.

bad_philanthropy: I know you've simulated a couple seasons with dynasty so I was wondering how the stats turned out in general. The sim engine was pretty good last year (though QB rushing totals were a little low) but you never know from year to year.

I will be posting screenshots of what I've seen in the stats engine. Keep an eye out for them.

countryboy: Thanks Steve for taking and answering questions.

How are penalties this year? Have you seen a facemask penalty called?

I haven't played w/ the sliders yet, but I've seen a few holding calls and yes, a few facemasks penalties. Cool thing is, when a facemask penalty happens, you feel it from your digital player. It hurts just watching it. Going into replay, you can't really see the fingers grabbing the facemask, but you can see the head jerk w/ the hand in the area.

gil92h: If you have any contact with EA's ncaa football producers, can you ask them why they rated auburns defense so low?

I can ask, but the odds of them answering me aren't that good.

baumy300: Steve, does Oklahoma have those throwback type of uniforms in?


They have Crimson Top or White Top.

vick0989: what has changed about campus legend? thanks!

Other than maybe a slight camera adjustment, not a whole lot. I haven't gotten really deep into it though.

Cotton500: Are Ole Miss' red jerseys in the game??


They have Blue Top, White Top or Cardinal Red Top.

J-Unit40: If you were to sim a season in Dynasty mode, what do the statistical leaders look like?

Are QBs still throwing 25+ INTs?
Is there a realistic amount of RBs getting near or above 2,000 yards?
Does anyone ever return more than 1 punt or kickoff for a TD?

It may be early to do this since it's a beta copy, but just wondering. Thanks.

Screenshots are coming. I'll post them right after this Q&A.

kmart2180: Steve, can you hitstick a wr early when the ball is in the air (causing a pass interference call) ?

It was possible to do in last gen but since the 360 days you almost have to wait for the reciever to catch the ball before you can even trigger the big hit. Thanks in advance

I went into practice mode and tried it. Seems like you can do it this year, as I laid the hit stick to a few receivers as the ball was coming their way.

RICK JAMES: Ok. I have my avatars now steve! I just want to see a couple ratings screens for the Arkansas Razorbacks. I would like too see how some of the top freshmen are rated and possibly the quarterbacks. thanks in advance steve.

QB #11 - 82, QB #15 - 80, QB #7 - 78, QB #3 - 74, QB #10 - 71.

HB #26 - 82, CB #33 - 79, WR #18 - 79, LE #99 - 78, HB #20 - 77, TE #80 - 77, FS #39 - 76, LOLB #54 - 76, RT #79 - 76, WR #81 - 75, ROLB #58 - 75, DT #65 - 74, MLB #36 - 74, WR #9 - 74, WR #14 - 73, HB #24 - 72, LT #76 - 72, TE #84 - 72, LOLB #59 - 70, LG #64 - 68, RG #80 - 68, DT #62 - 66, LE #91 - 66, CB #1 - 65.

kt-od: Steve (or anyone if they already know the answer), do you know anything about pre-game entrances. Are there custom ones, like Clemson running down the hill after touching Howards Rock, or are they still the same boring pre-game.

I'm not seeing any pre-game entrances.

nstod: Is this "wide open gameplay" over done? Do you think we're going to be seeing 42-40 games on 5 minute quarters? Thanks for doing this

I think the wide open gameplay refers to teams that are rated a lot higher than the other, as I've seen very close low scoring games w/ good matchups and big time blowouts playing teams you should handle easier.

longshanks: Steve, can u post a screenshot of ut (texas) qb's(depth chart) please thanks buddy

oh and i assume there are no dreds this year...again...

Screenshot requests are a seperate thread, but here are the ratings. QB #12 - 89, QB #17 - 81, QB #7 - 79. No dreads.

Cyros: 1.) In 07 and 08 on the 360, if you tried to switch a player's positions during the off-season of Dynasty Mode more often than not their speed went way down (talking 90 down to 68). Does this still happen?

2.) How is the user pass rush?

I don't see where you can change a players position. Is it in edit mode? If so, you can't change player position this year.

User pass rush for the most part, feels just like last year. Kinda get suctioned into the block and try to use your moves.

TNvol1987: With the implementation of a new offensive coordinator this coming season Tennessee is expected to come out in more of a west coast style. Is this reflected in there playbook or would you consider it still to be somewhat of a basic run balanced playbook? I was wondering if there was like some split backs and far and near type formations. thanks

Ace, I-Form, Strong, Weak, Shotgun, Goalline, Hail Mary, Special Teams. Guess not.

elkpride019: Hey steve, I'm a huge Notre Dame fan, could you get me the ratings of QB #7, RB #33, and WR #18. And also could i get a picture of some notre dame players in action if you get a chance too? Thanks you.

Screenshot requests are done in another thread, you just have to be around when I post them. Usually they are up for quite a while, before I close it.

Anyways, QB #7 - 85, RB #33 - 82, WR #18 - 81.

kingnebwsu: The last 2 versions of NCAA have had game-breaking issues with them (INT's in '08 and blocked kicks in '07). I was wondering if you are seeing anything that could potentially be a "game-breaking" issue with this year's version. I think many of us are very excited at the online dynasty aspect of the game...but a game-breaking issue would ruin that. Thanks in advance.

Good question. So far, in the games I've played, I'm not seeing a huge turnover fest, hardly any fumbles at all. AI isn't throwing the amount of INT's as last year. I'm seeing blocked punts, but I have only seen one in the many games I've played. Haven't seen a blocked FG or XP yet. Not really seeing a huge issue, other than calling for a blocked punt and getting an automatic 20 yard return before anyone even touches you. Of course, when playing the AI, it sucks that you don't have much time at all to adjust your defense pre-snap.

bubba4: Are cpu games REALLY in this year? If so, how is the presentation?

Yes, they are in. It's the same camera view as when you play, it skips the playcall screen as well.

Hawaii_Stars: Is the atmosphere any better? Do players on the sidelines actually react to what is happening on the field?(jumping up and down on a big play etc..) Are there multiple penalties on a single play? And one Michigan question... Who do they have listed as their QB's?

Atmosphere seems to be fine. Reacting to the right situations well. I don't see much of a change here. As for the sidelines, the cheerleaders seems to always be doing something, as for the players, yes...they react to certain big plays, but IMHO, it kinda looks corny as you see a few here and there doing the exact same thing as the other is doing. More randomness would have been better, but it's a start. Haven't seen multiple penalties on a given play.

Michigan QB's: QB #15 - 77, QB #8 - 74, QB #2 - 69.

VTPack919: If this has been asked before I apologize....

Are you able to put more touch and arc on the ball this year? Last year the throws seemed kinda off, too flat most of time.

Yes, you can put touch on the ball a bit easier this year.

booker21: Does QB takes more time to throw the pass? last year they threw the pass too quick, it makes them too robotic feel.

Do you see more underthrows/overthrows this year? or all incomplete passes are swated, droped or picked off ?

Does your Defense play better on Heisman level? last year they didn´t break the ball unless you switch to the closest defender and swated yourself.

If the QB has the time, he won't just dump it off, at least for a better part of the game, unlike last year. Seemed he dumped it, w/ no pressure. This year, at least if he feels he has the time, he will look deep. Just playing w/ it in practice mode and the AI QB did go deep, when he had time.

Yes, I'm seeing under and overthrows this year, I'm seeing on occasion a QB that is a little off w/ no pressure around him. As for the D, they definitely break on the ball a lot better, but what's cool is offensive players go up to get the ball, it's not just the D that can do that. Still seeing the ball go through the defensive players on occasion though.

disco_steve: Steve,
I must say, you are doing such a great job. You have us all checking in 2 or 3 times a day, for our football fix.

One quick question, does Rutgers have its alternative unimform in the game?
Thanks so much.

Rutgers has Scarlet Top, White Top or All Black.

bowld: steve can you let me know the following,,

oregon state..orange alt in game?
rutges..black alt in game?
arizona..red alt in game?


Just posted Rutgers, as for Oregon St. - Black Top, White Top or Orange Top. Arizona - Navy Blue Top, White Top or Cardinal Red Top.

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