Black College Football: The Xperience Preview (Xbox 360)

Lately, college football video games have been a one-game dynasty with the dominance of the EA Sports NCAA Football series. In 2007, Nerjyzed Game Studios shined the lights on the world of black college football with their first title called Black College Football: The Experience.

Powered by the Unreal 3.0 engine, the PC-exclusive was met with mixed reviews. The first Black College Football game introduced mini-games featuring marching bands, but closed the season with a losing record thanks to sub-par graphics.

Next month, Nerjyzed kicks off its second season of pigskin with Black College Football: The Xperience (BCFX) for the PC and Xbox 360. Former Super Bowl MVP and Grambling star Doug Williams acts just as Jeff Gordon did in NASCAR 09, walking you through the game on and off the field.

The Graphics in BCFX look to be much improved over the original.

What's Hot?

Historical Black College Football
My experiences with black college football were in my hometown of Columbus, Georgia. Week after week, I watched the Southeastern Conference like every good southerner should, but twice a year I got to see Tuskegee-Morehouse and the Fountain City Classic (Albany State-Fort Valley State) at Memorial Stadium.

These are just a few of the teams that are in BCFX. Nerjyzed has the licenses to three of the major HBCU conferences (SWAC, SIAC, CIAA) and a few MEAC schools as well. Instead of the Florida Gators or the Texas Longhorns, you’ll see the Kentucky State Thorobreds and the Livingstone College Blue Bears.

Along with the licensed teams are the licensed Classics (with stadiums) like the famous Bayou Classic in the New Orleans Superdome to the little known matchups like the Atlanta Football Classic (Tennessee State/Florida A&M) and MEAC/SWAC Challenge. Most of the teams in the game will be those that you’ve never seen, giving BCFX a niche in the football market.

Your Rock Band Drum Set is Your 12th Man
In black college football games, halftime isn’t the time to get your popcorn, because the show is right in front of you. It’s known as the fifth quarter. At some Classics, the game with the trumpets and drums is as important as the Xs and Os. In BCFX, this may the only time your skills with the sticks doesn’t mean your analog sticks. At halftime, you’ll tap on your drums to the beats of licensed fight songs and master tracks to keep your band and dancers in formation. If you win, your team will get a momentum boost in the second half.


The gameplay will ultimately make or break BCFX.

What's Not?

Still in NCAA’s Shadow
For a game that is different from EA’s juggernaut, BCFX may have dug itself a hole from the get-go. BCFX is set for release on July 15th, a day after the highly anticipated NCAA Football 10. The fact that NCAA has TeamBuilder as well could also not bode well for Nerjyzed. Students, alums, and fans of the 40-plus HBCUs in the game may buy the game, but that may be it.

Early screenshots and the video from the BCFX website show more polished players, stadiums, and marching bands. The front-end and menus look a lot better with plenty of shots with drum majors and players. On the field, there are improved animations and tackling, but nothing like Pro-Tak in Madden 10 just yet. Jerseys feature grass and mud, but there are a few glaring problems, notably all the players have the same QB-style three bar facemask.

Road to The Championship
BCFX adds a season mode, but it is just that: a season. Road to the Championship lets you pick any of the schools in for a 12 game run to the top of the polls. No bowl games, recruiting, or the like. Just football.

My Take

Black College Football: The Xperience will tee it up trying to continue the foundation from the first title. The Rock Band mini-games are sure to bring a few new plates to the table, but can Nerjyzed nourish gamers looking for another Saturday tailgate option? We’ll see next month.

Member Comments
# 1 TheShizNo1 @ 06/05/09 12:43 AM
Damn, i was looking at purchasing this, but not with only a season mode
# 2 boritter @ 06/05/09 12:52 AM
I can't take a game serious when it is developed by a company named "Nerjyzed."

Plus I'm white so I believe they wouldn't even sell me this game if I tried to buy it
# 3 Meast21Forever @ 06/05/09 01:07 AM
if it was closer to april, i'd think this was an april fools joke. what's with the title? i know it can't be racist. what's the meaning of the name?

however... i'm excited to see the second iteration of this game next year. they should know there will be little success with this game year one, but i think with development i would LOVE some competition for EA's attempt at college football.
# 4 Sublime12089 @ 06/05/09 01:50 AM
IIt features HBCUs - Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Schools like Morehouse, FAMU, BCC, Grambling, etc... There are actually a couple hundred around the nation and thats what they are called.
# 5 teebee @ 06/05/09 02:06 AM
This is hilarious, this isn't real is it?? Xpericen? classic
# 6 rockchisler @ 06/05/09 02:53 AM
Originally Posted by j2k9
I'm kind of offended by this game!
why are u offended? Its not racist
# 7 scott209 @ 06/05/09 03:32 AM
Idk i'm offended why dose black people get there own game there is plenty of blacks in ncaa. I'm no racist by any means but if it was white football everyone would be screaming racism just seems wrong.
# 8 scott209 @ 06/05/09 03:37 AM
no sport should be separated by colors
# 9 laforr77 @ 06/05/09 03:56 AM
This game is not racist and neither are HBCUs. But HBCUs aren't in NCAA so why not make a game for them? It's like making a Div-II football game. It's a small niche and I can't really see it being a financial success but any game that features Morehouse I'm all for it. I'm really surprised they made a second one... there's no way the first one did that well.
# 10 Football4lyfe @ 06/05/09 04:00 AM
Ugh..."Why do black people get there game, theres plenty in ncaa"

That statement couldnt be more wrong.

There are no hisotrically black colleges in any ncaa football games thats why these BLACK SCHOOLS get their own game, not BLACK PEOPLE. I attend UNLV but applied to and have parents that went to HBCU's and the game of football is different in these schools. The band being one such difference.

Plain and simple the game is not racist its simply catering to a certain set of SCHOOLS that dont get recognition, not a certain PEOPLE.
# 11 tabulaRasa @ 06/05/09 04:15 AM
Racist football....
# 12 eugreene2 @ 06/05/09 07:46 AM
Too bad they didn't do the season right with an end of year playoff as the HBCU's do it. I love the inclusion of the Halftime Band competition. Those of us who attended HBCU's know that the halftime is just as big as the game.

The people on here claiming this game is racist are the people who are actually racist. A common case of projection - stop trying to project on others what is actually going on inside of you. This is a simple video game for a group of schools that get no love in NCAA.
# 13 SteelerForLife @ 06/05/09 08:05 AM
I'll take a stab at "enlightening" the masses. Below is part of a post that I placed on Blog for the Sports Gamer back when this game was first released back in 2007:

"On the Black College Experience issue… I’ve seen this reaction to the game quite a bit today (ie. “why not have a Hispanic, White, Asian, etc, game”). It’s not a game about black college athletes as much as it’s about black college athletic LEAGUES. It’s no different than someone coming out with a Negro League baseball game. Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) have existed and continue to exist out of necessity. We all know the history in this country, no need to restate it here. This game is just a representation of schools and leagues that exist, not just someone’s decision to make a race simulation. As a black man and an HBCU graduate, I can tell you that the “experience” of black college football (off-the-field much more than on-the-field) is indeed quite different. For example, marching bands are serious business in the HBCU world. My school’s team, the North Carolina A&T State U Aggies, are currently going through a rebuilding stage on the field (new coach, new system) after years of success. Our team was 0-11 last year, being outscored overall by a total of 475 to 114, and they’re of to an 0-1 start this year. Yet I would happily by 4 tix to a game right now for my family, just so we could see our band wipe the field with the opponent’s band. See the difference? That’s just a small part of what this game is trying to capture."

The point I made then is still valid today. By the way, since that post, my team would win only 3 of its next 23 games. Thankfully, a new coaching staff is in for next season. But despite the losses, I'll still go to the games just to see the band and the people!
# 14 MFazio23 @ 06/05/09 09:00 AM
I can't say I'd have an interest in getting it, but I don't think it's such a bad idea for a game. It just seems like too small of a niche for a full title.

They just need to do more with HBCUs in NCAA; maybe have the companies work together on something like that, with this developer working on the HBCUs and other FCS teams.
# 15 ChosenOne58 @ 06/05/09 09:28 AM
Steeler, I'm glad you attempted to clear this up.

"Why do black people get their own game?" Followed up by, "I am by no means racist."

Don't make me laugh. The fact that you had to clarify that, makes me suspect.

EA Sports took the HBCU's out of their games back in like 2006. You couldn't even play with the SWAC schools on dynasty without importing them to another conference first. I think they should bring them back, at least the SWAC. They are part of the NCAA D-I football as well. And take those FCS schools out.
# 16 Silas Barnaby @ 06/05/09 09:32 AM
Yo' homie where da white woman at?
# 17 aholbert32 @ 06/05/09 09:43 AM
Originally Posted by scott209
Idk i'm offended why dose black people get there own game there is plenty of blacks in ncaa. I'm no racist by any means but if it was white football everyone would be screaming racism just seems wrong.

"dose black people"? Now thats racist. LOL.
# 18 aholbert32 @ 06/05/09 09:45 AM
Originally Posted by Silas Barnaby
Yo' homie where da white woman at?

# 19 goodsense @ 06/05/09 10:10 AM
ROTFLMAO @ those claiming this game as racist.
The same people who accept the name of the house of the highest office of this country. The WHITEHOUSE!!!! lol

You guys know dog on well you are NOT offended by the name.
You are just bored and have nothing better to do.

How many games come up yearly featuring.... WHITE PEOPLE.
Yeah... I know you get a Black alternative, but how many as the the prime guy?

I enjoy Ghost Recon and what was it Splinter Cell.

This game just represents another part of history of this country that continues to be left out. Don't talk to me about they use to. I'm quite sure you don't hear that about Miami, Texas, North Carolina, etc...

If Asians or Hispanics had historical colleges that had these events and were left out I'd have no problem with a game labeled as them either.

Racist is not about putting out a game that exhibits your culture.
If you think for a second calling blacks racist for doing so in any way BALANCES what blacks have been through you are fooling yourself.
You got a long, long, long, long way to go.

I mean if you want to go that route then lets talk about this.
How many HBCU's get national coverage compared to ALL the rest????

So be careful trying to play games with a topic such as this because many times you find yourself on the end of the stick of denial.

HBCUs have been open to Whites, Hispanics, Asians, etc.. and this includes the athletics programs and the bands as well.

As far as the name of the company is concerned. Please.
You guys play games from UBISOFT just as I do and there is no award for that name.

Now here is where I stand with the game.
Judging from the immature that still exist in the US it won't sell well.
Don't know what it is about "Black" and SOME white people, but it is funny because blacks have accepted so much white it makes no sense.
White Bread, White Gown, White House, White Walls, White Angels, etc...

I understand the company trying to convey the experience over to people, expecially those that know nothing about it, but I've played games and most people don't sit through halftime if playing online. They are all about gameplay not game package.

Just like Madden I have to see if the gameplay is worth it or not.
Madden does a good job of marketing, but always falls off the mark with the actual game itself for me. The improvements they are claiming now should have been in the games considering the size of their company.

So I will probably rent it first because I have a lot of requirements now for football games. And until I come out with one, I don't see anyone fulfilling them.

What I do like is the idea that some of my people are jumping into the industry. This is what we need. We can put an end to so much if we do so, as long as the successful do not turn out like the greedy some complain about so much. No difference between a greedy white and a greedy black man. Women too. So I don't want my brothers thinking it is okay for them because some will. I won't defend them and they can claim racism all they want, but I'll look at them the same as any other person.

I need to get back to work on my concept work. If I can secure some dedicated sacrficing people to work this into life I guarantee you no other sporting experience would match a game like mine.

Enjoyed talk'n to ya'll

Please stop playing with the terms racist/racism. It isn't a game.
# 20 aholbert32 @ 06/05/09 10:12 AM
Alright everybody lets cool it with the race talk. Race discussion is against the TOS. I'll keep this thread open as long as discussion relates to the game.

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