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What I wanna see in NBA 2k13 
Posted on March 31, 2012 at 01:31 PM.
These are a couple features that I would love to see in 2k13.

Player Introductions:
We saw this in past 2k basketball games, so I dont understand why they got away from this. But player introductions would add a whole new element to a game that already has excellent presentation.

Weekly/Pregame/Halftime/Postgame Shows:
This too is an element we saw in past games (even in last-gen games). It would be nice to see the commentators sitting at the desk breaking down the game. Hell, even throw in Craig Sager on the sideline interviewing players and coaches at halftime and end of the game. We've seen this before in NFL 2k5. I dont know why we have see it implemented in current gen games. I'd watch the weekly show in Association EVERY week.

Improved Contract Logic:
Cant tell you how frustration it is to be stuck with a player for six years that is absolutely sucking up all my teams cap. I took over the Grizzlies in an OA, and the previous owner resigned OJ Mayo. 6 years/$106M!! This is absolutely ridiculous. Not to take anything away from OJ, because i love his game. But when the offseason comes, I have no room to make moves. And no one is interested in a trade because his crazy contract scares them away. This needs to be fixed come 2k13.

The Addition of Wingspan:
Anthony Davis and Rodrigue Beaubois are two players that really makes me feel like wingspan should be a factor in the game. Anthony Davis standing 6'10" with a 7'4" wingspan, Beaubois standing 6'2" with a 6'9" wingspan. This is an element that i think can play a huge role in a game, by making player models more diverse. So players that are long in real life, actually look long on the game.

Create Jersey in Association:
This would be a fun thing to do in Association. I mean, most teams dont wear the same jerseys years and years dont the road in real life do they? Why should we have to in the game? That feature would be something to help keep the association from going stale years down the road.

Relocating Teams in Association:
Isn't the Nets franchise moving to Brooklyn? Oh yeah, I thought so. We should have the ability in game to relocate teams. I'd love to see a franchise in San Diego, California.

My Player Online:
A mode like this could be a HUGE hit. There would be only 2 major leagues, 1 on PS3, 1 on XBOX. And it would progress like the NBA, except a shortened league of like 29 games, so that the new users could come in, through the NBA draft. But the teams would be filled with nothing but actual, human players. With the proper cooperation, this mode could be loads of fun.

Well guys, that was some of the things I'd like to see in this years game. I feel like I left a lot off, but those were the major ones. Feel free to comment and add to the list. And if your on Twitter, be sure to follow me @quehouston.
# 1 Jakeness23 @ Mar 31
This would all be incredible. With a Teambuilder feature added on, so you could add expansion teams/relocate teams. Great ideas!
# 2 tril @ Apr 1
I disagree with your online assocaition improved contract logic. your scenario is what the NBA is all about. there are a bunch of temas stuck with players thatr are over paid and they cant move them. why make it easier? gte cretive with your trades, and if you cant move a player then you have to just have to play out the contract like most teams do.
# 3 gdh5503 @ Apr 4
you right about one thing. player models this year... You cant even make a detailed create a player body. When you want to make your create a player ripped and swole the only thing that gets bigger is his mid section.. Also Why does Kevin Durant look like Serge Ibaka on the court. I get confused on who to guard??? Durant is long and wiry not swole and his arms look too short compared to his real life counterpart.
# 4 gdh5503 @ Apr 4
I would like to see the world championships FIBA implemented so that the Association as more to it then just winning the championships and moving on to the next long and dry season. Players should get invitations and the created player should get an invitation and actually play in the tourney after the season is over. That would expand the Association and make it more diverse than the norm.
# 5 gdh5503 @ Apr 4
Yea you should be able to edit your team jerseys, expansion teams all that to make the association more diverse and fresh. I should be able to re locate my team create new jerseys all of that. Just like back in the madden days and even until now. In all honesty 2k12 took a step back and a step forward at the same time... oxy-moron..
# 6 lone_wolf74 @ Apr 4
Would like to see player personalities at some point. Along with technical fouls. Imagine this; you're playing against the Lakers and you manage to get under Bynum's skin. He pulls a JBL and gives someone the Clothesline From Hell. Gets a tech 2 and immediately gets tossed from the game. Ripping off his jersey optional though.

Wingspan would be great also.

And different ref crews that call the games different.
# 7 balljonesjr @ Apr 5
Totally agree with referee crews like FIFA … crowds should be packed at the beginning of a game between good teams/teams with stars and if it's a blow out the crowd should slowly dwindle down … *my most ridiculous request would be : adding to the game NCAA full game feature where u can play an association with any d1/d2 college team or exhibition mode with college teams as if NCAA was its own game on 2k13 … hey I dont know the rules with ea, 2k & the NCAA but if ea won't use it then y not give college bball rights to 2k … I'd even pay for it as dlc… wishful thinking I guess*
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