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# 13
nkitos84 @ Jun 30, 2014
Can you upload last update of FIFA WC 2014.Please. THX.
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# 12
nkitos84 @ Jun 19, 2014
When new update coming with correct roster for all teams? Can you upload this roster?
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# 11
nkitos84 @ Jun 17, 2014
Can you download last roter FIFA World Cup?
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# 10
WinFred12 @ Apr 1, 2014
I am having trouble importing the roster to my usb on horizon. Horizon says the file is invalid
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# 9
michiganfan98 @ Mar 23, 2014
To mmeade the download to the rosters at the bottom of the page by his thread. I had trouble finding it as we'll. it's in small lettering titled with a link to download. Hope this helps
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# 8
michiganfan98 @ Mar 23, 2014
Dude you are a life saver. If I cud give smtn I would if I had smtn to give sorry. Thanks for all the hard work man I'm gonna play ch2k8 all the time!
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# 7
jack2528 @ Oct 28, 2013
Here is Syracuse Roster for 2k8 2013-14 season.I hope this helps.file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Craig%20&%20Cara%20A/My%20Documents/Downloads/Syracuse%20University%20Athletics%20-%202013-14%20Men's%20Basketball%20Roster.htm Great rosters.I don't know how you do the rosters.It's a lot of work. THANKS.
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# 6
jack2528 @ Oct 6, 2013
Hi I was wondering if you would e-mail me your Horizon just Zip file it.I can't find any that work or are not full of virus. I have downloaded over 24 horizons. It's unbelievable. [email protected] I would appreciate it very much. Thanks. Or if you know where i can get a good one. Let me know either way.I would love to try your rosters out.
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# 5
jack2528 @ Oct 1, 2013
Hi i would like to know the version of Verizon you use to transfer rosters to 2k8 college hoops.The one i had will only work offline and it won't transfer my profile.Can you direct me in the right direction.Need some help what ever you can.Thanks.
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# 4
souljaslim24 @ Feb 7, 2013
Originally Posted by raiderfan247365
Go for it lol, what do you need from me?
i dnt have a 360 and your rosters are amazing. i tried d'ling your file and looking at it but i wasn't able to.
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# 3
souljaslim24 @ Feb 6, 2013
hey raidersfan i'm trying to duplicate your roster for ps3 owners. is there anyway we can make this happen??
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# 2
mmeade1 @ Nov 23, 2012

Where do I download the roster file? Sorry i've never used this website before.

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# 1
uhWeirdCreeperGuy @ Aug 25, 2012
Hey RaidersFan
I have really been enjoying the rosters that you made for College Hoops 2K8! Have you started working on the 2012-'13 rosters? Either way, is there a way to team up on these rosters? I'm not sure how it would work, but I would really like to help to get the rosters created asap!

Thanks for reading.
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