Title Bout Championship Boxing REVIEW

Title Bout Championship Boxing Review (PC)

The “Sweet Science.” The sport of boxing has been in existence for well over 100 years and has a vast history. Fighters such as Jack Johnson, Willie Pep, Rocky Marciano, and many more have plenty of stories attached to their fights and careers and you have to know alot about those fighters to be successful in this game. Title Bout Boxing Quiz is exactly how it sounds. It’s a trivia game but it’s a really fun trivia game

The interface is well done. Each bout is in a arena with two fighters and a ref in the ring. When you get a question right, it actually shows your boxer connecting with a punch. When your wrong, you will see your fighter miss a punch. While this may seem like something small, the animation was something that did not have to be featured in this game and it’s a feature that adds to the game.

One surprise was the in fight announcing. The announcer calls the fight and announces the round. So if you land a jab by answering a question right, the announcer will call the jab. There are also fight sounds and crowd noises. It’s a sports trivia game so there isn’t much but what is included is good.

The game abides by the rules of boxing. You can choose from 3, 10, 12, and 15 rounds. The game also gives you a choice of 20 fighters to face. All of the fighters have different records and different abilities. When the game begins, you have to choose a question. The questions are ranked one thru five with five being the hardest. Each questions also represents a punch. A question with a difficulty of one represents a jab and a question with the difficulty of five represents a combination. After you choose a question, you have 5 seconds to answer it and the first person to respond gets to answer. If the computer gets a question wrong, you get the opportunity to answer the same question and if you are correct that counts as a counter punch.

Each round is 3 minutes and the judges’ rate you on a ten round must system. Don’t think that just because you scored more points during a round that you are guaranteed the round. I have had a few rounds that I have scored more points then my opponents only to see the judges score the round as a draw. The game has clinching which occurs more as the fight goes on just like in real life. Clinching can become a real problem if you are down by a few points in a round because the clock runs while you clinch. The game also features knockdowns.

In order to be successful at this game you have to know a lot about boxing. I consider myself a boxing fan and while I answered most of the one and two point questions with ease, I had a lot of trouble with the higher difficulty questions. Also the computer is quick to ring in and answer questions, so you have to be fast in order to keep up.

It’s a fun sports trivia game. I recommend this for any one who is a big boxing fan and has followed the sport for years. However, I cannot recommend this for someone who does not have a good knowledge of boxing history though because the questions are difficult. All and all, it’s a great trivia game and if .400 studios puts this much work into a trivia game, I cant wait to see what they have in store for their boxing sim, Title Bout Championship Boxing.

Title Bout Championship Boxing Score
out of 10