Snowboarding TnT REVIEW

Snowboarding TnT Review (iPhone)

Snowboarding TNT is Tilt n' Twist's latest game on the iPhone platform.

In the game you simply steer your snowboarder down one of seven courses included in the game while trying to get the best combination of time and score. The game is a blend of classic arcade snowboarding mixed with some solid controls.

While steering your snowboarder (a male or female is selectable) down the mountain by tilting your iPhone left and right, you also have to pass through gates on your way down the hill in order to extend your time -- not unlike any other number of arcade games.

There are also jumps on each course where you are able to perform one of 30 different tricks for points. To get the highest possible score, you have to time your jumps right and perform difficult tricks. In addition to that, you have to keep your balance and get down the mountain before the clock runs out.

As you navigate down each course, there are also bonuses for speed and points, which adds even more variety to the game.

On The Slopes: The gameplay is smooth, the controls are responsive, and the courses are varied. It all adds up to a well built, solidly playing game on the iPhone.

Controls: The controls are simple, you simply tilt and twist your iPhone to get the desired results. Snowboarding TnT could have fallen into the trap of overcomplicating the controls, but instead what's here is really solid.

Learning Curve: It won't take you very long to get in and snowboard -- no more than five minutes at the most. Figuring out all the tricks and how to master them will take longer.

Graphics: The graphics are a mixture between a PlayStation and a PlayStation 2 game, which is where many games on the iPhone fall. There are not many anomalies, and even when you are going fast you still can keep up. Nothing wrong here.

Sound Design: The menu music is standard fare, the sound effects are what you would expect, which means while it's not spectacular, the audio is just fine.

Intangibles: The game has a lot going for it, with the arcade feel and several courses to boot. It would be cool to have an Easter egg or two in the game or a couple more modes, but alas. Trying to top your own high scores is fun.

Bang For Your Buck: With seven courses of solid gameplay, this is a very fair-priced App at $1. So long as the price is not increased too much from its current level after the sale ends, I could see this being a good to great value.

Overall: Snowboarding-TnT is a very solid iPhone App. If you are looking for a simple, yet fun App to waste time with throughout the day, you could do much worse than this game. You will find yourself trying to top your old high scores for awhile. While the game is not a classic, it's a very solid and fun game on the iPhone.

Score: 7.0 (Good)

Snowboarding TnT Score
Easy to learn.
Fun gameplay.
Seven courses.
Just one game mode.
No character customization.
Time limit score elimination.
out of 10
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