Hit Tennis 2 REVIEW

Hit Tennis 2 Review (iPhone)

I'm an addict.

Not just any addict, but an addict to Hit Tennis 2. I honestly never thought moving my finger to react to a ball would be so fun, but here I am. I have played several dozen games thus far and the game has that "one more turn" thing going for it.

I'm not alone in this addiction, at last count the game has been downloaded three million times from the App store.

The base game is very simple. When you fire up Hit Tennis 2, you are given a tutorial on how to play. However, this is a game that needs no tutorials as it works off a simple scheme: the speed and direction of your finger's swiping movements across the screen control your racket and thus the ball's direction.

After the tutorial you are given three players to play, all of which battle you at different difficulty levels. Each one presents a challenge of sorts as you work your through them, and if you get bored with the game's three opponents, you can purchase five new ones for $1.99.

The game could use a tournament mode or something along those lines because your only option is to play a bunch of singles matches. The achievements in the Game Center help, but they seem hollow compared to competing for a championship or something along those lines.

Hit Tennis 2 is a worthy download for anyone looking for a good time waster or a fun tennis game to play on the i-Platform. With its ultra-low price of free, you can't beat it.

On the Court: Gameplay is simple, yet addicting. You will find yourself asking for one more volley.

Visuals: There are no player graphics, but everything else is adequate for sure. Not jaw dropping, not terrible -- just adequate.

Audio: The tennis sounds and the crowds are not bad. There is no true announcer, and this is just standard fare. No frills.

Entertainment Value: The game is entertaining for quite awhile. The lack of game modes will hurt its longevity.

Learning Curve: You will be able to effectively play this title by the end of your first game.

Score: 8.0 (Very Good)

Hit Tennis 2 Score
Game is simple, addicting and free.
Opponents all present a good challenge.
Graphics are simple, but adequate.
More game modes are needed.
Ball sometimes goes where you told it not to.
Jack Filbert is deceptively not slow and easy at first.
out of 10
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# 1 Methlab @ 12/14/10 02:15 PM
I have it on my iPad and i just don't get it yet. Any tips on how to play the game properly? I suck, but am ironically a very good tennis player in real life.

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