OS Scores Explained Puresim Baseball 4 Overview (PC)
Deep and engrossing experience, simulation engine is the best out there, statistical depth is mind boggling
AI is good but not very alive, financial model is weak compared to other efforts, game is definitely too overwhelming for the common man.
Bottom Line
PureSim Baseball 4 is one of the best text-sims you will find on the market this year.
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Puresim Baseball 4 REVIEW

Puresim Baseball 4 Review (PC)

PureSim Baseball 4 is the latest and greatest installment in one of the finest baseball sims you can find on the market. PureSim is a game built on being statistically deep and having a simulation engine that is so solid that anyone who has ever wanted to dabble in the deep history of baseball can find a way to do so with this series.


You can choose to play the current MLB season or previous ones, with several options to customize your experience. You can matchup historical teams, current teams, future teams, you name it via simulations to see what team is the best.

If the already deep statistical database is not quite enough for you, there is extensive support for mods within the game as well.

The Association mode is pretty deep, but you can find deeper overall financial systems in other games. However, you can't fault PureSim for that because I don't think that's the point of the game. What is here is good and better than anything you'll find in The Show, for example.

The AI is good, albeit it's a bit obvious it's artificial (pun definitely intended). There needs to be a bit more randomness thrown in from players, and a bit more personality would be welcome as well. The game handles things well, but for a deep simulation of the intricacies of managing a team through 162 games, you might find yourself a tad disappointed with everything that surrounds the hardball itself.

The trade logic is vastly improved from the prior PureSim, and the Tru-Emotion is a good addition. While it doesn't feel as alive as I'd like -- you can definitely tell where the logical progression of events from a team being willing to trade a player to not being willing occurs -- it does work to keep you in check.

Where PureSim shines is -- here comes the shocker -- with its simulation engine. When you start matching up teams and managing games, you'll see how deep and engrossing PureSim's experience is.

If you are interested in the extensive improvements featured in PureSim 4, check out this list on the Wolverine Studios site!

Everything Else

The menus are laid out well, and the in-game interface is also well done. For a text-sim, PureSim is put together pretty well.

The Tru-Life transactions are impressive. You can play any season from 1920-2010 with the Tru-Life transactions on, and you will see the exact moves made in your game that were made in real life.

Yes, Mets fans, you still trade Nolan Ryan away to California in 1971.

The biggest gripe I have with the game is that it does feel somewhat artificial, and the game world is not really created to my liking. Still, that's a minor complaint because I don't really feel that PureSim is going after that really.

Final Thoughts

If you are a baseball fan who likes text-sims, drop what you are doing and go get PureSim right now. I'm serious -- don't stop, run. If you ever wanted to fiddle with statistics and see if you could do better than your favorite team across different eras, then this is an amazing game in which you can play out those fantasies.

For the common man, this is not a text-sim that will change your mind about the genre. In fact, you'll probably find it's more of the same. But regardless, PureSim Baseball 4 is one of the finest text-sim efforts you'll see this year.

Menus: Well thought out, well designed -- you won't get lost in the game's interface which is a must for text-sims.

Sim Engine: The results are rarely unbelievable, you could even say the game takes the safe route with sim results at times -- but that's ok. You will enjoy the results the game gives out.

Learning Curve: A couple hours if you are a text-sim vet, a couple of weeks if you are new to text sims. This game is deep!

Historical Accuracy: Impeccable, painstakingly accurate, incredibly deep. You want a history of the game of baseball? PureSim contains everything you need to know!

Entertainment Value: This game is good for people who are huge baseball fans and enjoy the history of the sport -- and also those who enjoy a good text sim.

Score: 8.0 (Great)

Member Comments
# 1 malachijohn666 @ 04/12/11 12:14 PM
How would you rate this in comparison to OOTP 11?
# 2 MMChrisS @ 04/12/11 01:00 PM
Originally Posted by malachijohn666
How would you rate this in comparison to OOTP 11?
It's all in what you want in a game -- and I mean that not to be non-committal but rather to be honest.

OOTP is more of a total business sim of baseball, you can get mod packs and whatnot to play historical seasons, etc. PureSim has the entire History of Baseball built in and focuses more on the on-field product than OOTP does. Neither game is bad where the other really shines, but they really do have different focuses.

I personally prefer OOTP because I like the business aspect of Baseball and I typically like to skip through micromanaging each game -- but both games are really quite solid.
# 3 jjoe @ 04/13/11 10:50 PM
This sounds really interesting. Is this more along the lines of a replay game like Strat-o-matic or Diamond mind baseball? Or is it an overall GM experience like OOTP or baseball mogul? I'm interested in the on the field replay representaition that lets me manage a game with players who play realistically according to their capabilities.

Also, does the game incorporate lefty righty splits?

Thanks for the review!!!
# 4 choadler @ 04/14/11 12:57 PM
This is like a mix between strat-o-matic and OOTP. It is definitely alot less detailed in the financial aspect than OOTP and the on the field play is not as detailed as diamond mind baseball as far season replay (you don't have pitch by pitch).

However, I actually enjoy this game tremendously. The ability to play any season and have true life transactions is amazing. The games move at a pretty good pace. It just feels easy to play. You get a little bit of the best from both worlds of OOTP (manage your organization from season to season) and Diamond Mind (statistically accurate simulation).

The mods of all the stadiums, logos, and player faces to import into the game is awesome and easy to do.

I purchased PS4, installed it, dowloaded all of the faces, stadiums and logos, and started managing the 1986 Houston Astros, trying to get them past the Mets and to a World Series, in about 40 minutes. You can setup additional season replays in minutes really.

On a side note, I thought about buying PC Replay Baseball, Strat, or Diamond Mind, but they are cost prohibitive to buy multiple seasons. You could spend several hundred dollars buying those games and 4 or 5 seasons. PS4 was $30 and you can play any season.
# 5 dannyheck @ 04/15/11 02:56 PM
Loved Strat-O-Matic board game growing up. Also have owned OOTP in the past. Love the game, but really not into all the GM stuff, contracts and such..... too deep for me. This Pure Sim Baseball 4 sounds about my cup of tea. Diamond Mind, which use to be Pursue the Pennant, always blew me away with their accuracy on stats and team records. That game really was amazing with accuracy.
# 6 jjoe @ 04/16/11 12:02 AM
Yeah, I love baseball sim games (not much into the GM aspects). Its funny that baseball is the only sport that really works for me when it comes to text games. But the text games really have it down to AI making right moves and stats coming out right. I'll probably get Pure Sim 4 based on the comments here. I also love Diamond Mind and Strat.
# 7 ripwalk @ 04/16/11 11:59 AM
Can you set up fictional leagues with different structures in this game? How is overall customization compared to OOTP?

What sort of player pictures are there for fictional players? Does it use facegen?
# 8 bdrew18 @ 04/17/11 01:13 AM
After playing Strat-o-matic for so long, all other sim games seem bad.
# 9 silencer813 @ 04/18/11 07:08 AM
This does look like an interesting choice, but I am also curious if the game includes lefty/right splits?

# 10 jjoe @ 04/18/11 03:37 PM
Originally Posted by bdrew18
After playing Strat-o-matic for so long, all other sim games seem bad.
Even Diamond Mind? I think Diamond Mind is the Most Accurate. But, I agree, Strat is an awesome game. I'm going to get the new computer version.

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