OS Scores Explained MLB 12 The Show Overview (PS Vita)
Plays like PS3 version; Cloud capabilities; Graphics on handheld
RttS freezes on occasion; Too many home runs; Commentary still stale
Bottom Line
If you have a Vita and youíre a sports gamer, I donít see why you havenít already picked this up.
out of 10
MLB 12 The Show REVIEW

MLB 12 The Show Review (PS Vita)

Handheld gaming has never been a viable source for sports gaming. Numerous iterations of Madden has tried and failed on many of the platforms, from the old school Gameboy to the recent 3DS. To many, sports gaming has been nonexistent on handhelds for years.

Now, everything has changed.

With the release of MLB: The Show 12 on the Playstation Vita, gamers now have a source of entertainment to take with them on road trips that closely matches a game's console counterpart. By playing almost exactly like the brother version on the PS3, The Show has exceeded the expectations it was forced to bear.


The game is dang near identical to the PS3 version. Hitting and pitching are like your classic baseball controls, but what really caught my eye was the fielding. The fluid-like motions outfielders showcase when trying to throw out that base runner looks beautiful. And the ratings really matter, depending on who threw the ball. For example, I’m a Mariners fan; Ichiro may be on the wrong side of 30 nowadays, but he still has his laser-rocket arm that flies across the field. But when the ball is hit to the opposite side, Trayvon Robinson can barely make it to second base without bouncing. Props to SCEA for this.

The big gameplay improvement, or at least what SCEA has made us believe, is the Pulse Pitching. Sure, it’s somewhat innovative, but if you have ever played a baseball game on your iPhone or iPad this won’t feel too special. Still, the mechanic is another way to keep you immersed in the game, which is always a good thing.

Once again, the new animations are pretty impressive. Everything looks better than last year’s PS3 version. It really shows how impressive the graphics on the Vita can be.

However, no game is perfect and there will be clear cons, regardless of how great it is. After trying each difficulty setting I noticed one problem: there are way too many home runs. In a game between the M’s and A’s, there was a combined 11 homers on All-Star. That should not be happening, let alone with two of the worst offenses in the majors (unless there is a 60mph gale out to dead center of course).

And last but not least, the issue of commentating has reared its ugly head in this version of The Show 12The series has known for its insanely boring commentary, and with the handheld releases nothing is different. You’re better off just listening to your iPod.

Game Modes

If you love franchise mode, then you’ll love this game. The Show has always had one of the better, more refined franchise modes in sports gaming. Porting it over to the Vita worked perfectly, allowing you to have the same experience on a 5-inch screen rather than a 42-inch TV.

Also, Road to the Show, the staple for My Player modes, is just as fun as it has ever been. You begin as a starter on the AA affiliate of your team, and then you slowly work your way up to the majors. No major changes at all, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. One issue, though, with RttS that I encountered multiple times was a freezing issue. While loading up my game, the screen would just stand still and I’d have to reboot the cartridge.

But what makes these modes on the Vita so great is the fact that you can use the Cloud services to transfer your franchise and RttS saves back and forth between your PS3 and Vita. Everything from your records, stats and rosters will be imported on the system of your choosing.

Final Thoughts

Like I’ve stated over and over again, the Vita is a great system. The little thing is brilliant. Now what happens when you put a brilliant game on a brilliant system? You get an extremely enjoyable MLB: The Show 12. Yes there are flaws, but nothing to the extent that should drive you away from purchasing this game.

Between the gameplay, graphics and cloud capabilities, The Show 12 has surpassed any sort of expectations a sports game could have on a handheld.

Graphics: Looks like I’m playing a mini PS3.

Sound: Commentary will bore you to death, but the soundtrack is surprisingly OK.

Controls: If you’ve played a baseball game before, you’ll be fine.

Learning Curve: Pick-up-and-play game, but the more you practice, you can become god-like.

Entertainment Value: Very high with the ability to switch between the Vita and PS3.

Score: 8 (Great)

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Member Comments
# 1 NAFBUC @ 04/05/12 01:04 PM
thanks for your review Dustin.........I have had the Vita since The Show was released, and it only gets better!
# 2 Mercury53 @ 04/05/12 02:53 PM
I've been waiting for this. I am rather disappointed at the lack of Sounds of the Show in Vita form, but besides that, it seems amazing. I will be picking it for sure.
# 3 DJ @ 04/05/12 03:28 PM
This game is the reason I bought a Vita. I'm very happy with both, and am looking forward to the cross-platform Franchise play, now that I have Knight's OSFM Spring Training roster set.
# 4 Acedeck @ 04/05/12 11:10 PM
I highly recommend this game for the Vita. I bought a Vita just for this game, and I'm SO happy I did. The upside is that other sports games will be coming to the system as well, I'm sure. This game is amazing though.
# 5 scottyo60 @ 04/06/12 12:35 AM
Originally Posted by Acedeck
I highly recommend this game for the Vita. I bought a Vita just for this game, and I'm SO happy I did. The upside is that other sports games will be coming to the system as well, I'm sure. This game is amazing though.
This version will get me through a 162 game season easily. Love the game and Vita
# 6 Therion7 @ 04/06/12 07:20 AM
Own both versions, and the Vita version stacks up well. The lack of any bells and whistles when hitting a home run is disappointing, so room for improvement there but overall, a great first attempt.
# 7 RoyalBoyle14 @ 04/06/12 10:20 AM
Great review, only issue is I don't see home runs like you have, I'm lucky to hit one every other 3 games. So I don't see that issue at all.

Yes SCEA should have added more cut scenes and should have not removed them, next year I guess.

Bottom line the game is amazing and I'm just hoping games like Madden will be this great on the Vita.

Great Scea
# 8 DustinT @ 04/06/12 01:08 PM
Originally Posted by scottyo60
This version will get me through a 162 game season easily. Love the game and Vita
Agreed. This will make it much easier to finish a full season.
# 9 therise77 @ 04/08/12 11:00 PM
i used to have a PS2 and had the show when it first came out but than switched to XBOX 360... i wish they would make the show for XBOX 360
# 10 Flithy @ 07/10/12 02:52 AM
The freezing issue is something with the Vita not the game. Like in maybe 15% of rematches in FIFA on it the game would freeze and force me to restart it but no RTTS freezes for me.

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