Nyko Zero Wireless Controller REVIEW

Nyko Zero Wireless Controller Review (PS2)

I caught the wireless train late. Whether it was for console gaming or merely connecting my PC to the net, I never saw the need to be wireless. I understood the benefits of wireless gaming in theory. I just always felt like I was going to be well within cord range from the TV when I was playing anyway, so why spend the extra money on the controllers and batteries?

The last year with the Xbox 360 has made me a convert. With two young daughters and a 75 pound “puppy” always in range during my gaming hours, the never-ending flow of traffic is unavoidable. Someone seems to always be chasing someone directly between me and the television every 12 to 15 seconds. It’s just part of my gaming environment. Unfortunately, when I’m playing my PS2 and relegated back to the world of wires, my kids don’t know the difference. The parade goes on, usually resulting in at least four plug pulls and a face-plant onto the carpet.

Enter the Zero Wireless Controller for the PS2 from Nyko. Nyko is not new to the wireless world, but this is the first in a new series that will kick off their new line of controllers. With releases down the road for the PS3, 360 and PC, they’re entering the market with a PS2 model and, perhaps, the answer to my traffic issues.

A sleek and sturdy metal look and feel over a pseudo-boomerang design, the Zero Wireless Controller looks like it belongs with the PS2. Actually, to be perfectly honest, it looks like it belongs with the PS3, but still fits nicely with the older Sony box. I have pretty average sized hands and found it a perfect fit for me. Unlike the classic PS2 Dual Shocks, the L2 and R2 triggers seem more logically spaced and angled from the upper row and give a more natural feel in the hand. The analog sticks have a more natural feel to them than the classic PS2 controller, and the face buttons are back-lit with a red LED that adds style and a real cool effect to the controller.

From a technical standpoint, Nyko nailed the two most important things with the Zero Wireless Controller – set-up and function. The setup was a breeze. It took me longer to open the packaging then it did to actually get started. And, FYI, it only took about 30 minutes of charge to be fully juiced and ready to roll without strings.

I played five different titles during the review period and had zero issues (no pun intended) with any type of lag or any other performance problems. The control is highly responsive and played seamlessly when I tried replaying the same game with my old wired controller.

The best part about the Zero Wireless Controller is that it’s all-inclusive. Unlike Microsoft’s standard wireless unit for the 360, everything you’ll need is right there in the box from the beginning. You get your controller, the signal receiver, a chargeable battery pack with the USB charging cable, plus the ability to simply go the good old “AA” battery route. None of this "getting the base model, then adding chargers and plug-and-play kits "business – it’s all the box from the start.

I know a lot of people have hang-ups about buying third-party controllers for their consoles. But, if you’re looking for an optimal wireless experience on the PS2, I don’t believe you could do any better than the Nyko Zero Wireless Controller. It’s worth the slightly higher price for the quality that you’ll find. I’m excited to get my hands on Nyko’s future offerings for my other consoles.

Nyko Zero Wireless Controller Score
out of 10