OS Scores Explained Highway Crash Derby Overview (Android)
Simple yet fun gameplay, awesome crashes to give you a satisfactory conclusion, tough but fair driving/racing mechanics.
Graphics can be lacking at times, game's free to play model limits your overall experience, better physics needed for wrecks.
Bottom Line
This is a fun game which can suck some time out of your day. Definitely recommended as a small time diversion.
out of 10
Highway Crash Derby REVIEW

Highway Crash Derby Review (Android)

This is a fun mixture of Burnout Crash and Frogger. The goal of the game is to drive as long as possible before causing the biggest wreck possible when it all finally does come to an end. My first reaction to this free-to-play game was a little negative, as I thought the game was too simple and lacked any real depth or fun. However, after trying to continually get the perfect crash to get the maximum damage possible, I can say this game is a winner.

The free to play model does mean you will eventually have to shell out a couple of bucks if you want all of the cars and such within the game, and I do think the physics of the crashes could be even better. However, for a free to play game — Highway Crash Derby is a good solid addition to your app library.

Score: 7/10 (Good)