OS Scores Explained Ballpark Empire Overview (iOS)
Deep owners mode type of simulation, plenty of options, building your own stadium is fun.
Horribly slow loading times makes it almost worth not playing, MLBucks make you have to pay for stuff, some crashes.
Bottom Line
There's a lot to like with Ballpark Empire, if you can get past the long loading times and MLBucks system which makes free to play a joke.
out of 10
Ballpark Empire REVIEW

Ballpark Empire Review (iOS)

This is an exciting game because it could mean great things for RBI Baseball if some of the elements within this game make it into RBI. The simple idea behind Ballpark Empire is that you are the executive of the team and you manage your own MLB Team and Stadium.

You build your ‘dream team’ of MLB Players while also building up your stadium. You can mix and match stadium elements from real MLB Stadiums to create unique ballparks which you can show off and let your friends visit and more.

You manage your team through a real 2013 season, manage concessions, hire a front office staff and more. The problem is, the MLBucks dependence is here and in full force — and the secondary problem is the game taxes even the most high powered mobile device with super long load times.

The concept is good, the execution does need some work.

Score: 6/10 (Above Average)