OS Scores Explained Blood Bowl Mobile Overview (iPhone)
Deep and rewarding gameplay; Nice touch controls; Decent mobile graphics.
Poor tutorial and in-game help; Missing or reduced features/teams; Not significantly different that other versions
Bottom Line
Deep and compelling, but largely the same experience you had five years ago.
out of 10
Blood Bowl Mobile REVIEW

Blood Bowl Mobile Review (iPhone)

More than four years ago, I had the opportunity to review Blood Bowl on the Xbox 360. Since then, multiple versions of this digital board game have been released on numerous platforms, from Nintendo DS to the PC. Now the franchsie arrives on yet another platform: mobile devices.


The basics of Blood Bowl can be explained quickly, though the specifics can become overwhelming. Essentially, your team of humans or orcs (yes, this is true fantasy football) try to move a football across the field and into the end zone. Each round, all of your players may move and take an action--pass, block, handoff, etc. -- until one of them fail. Successes are based on player skill and die rolls.

All of this is modified by specialized players, crowd favor, unique talents/skills, and ways to cheat. It's a very deep game based on an old miniatures game that has a small but dedicated following.
iOS Port

There are a few advantages to playing Blood Bowl on a touch capable device, but none bigger than the touch screen controls themselves. It's much easier to select players and rotate the camera with a finger compared to a mouse or controller.

Of course, mobility is another strong advantage to this version, though you'll notice graphics have understandably been reduced from other versions. Online play is available, but so far is only synchronous. It eliminates the ability to swap turns at each player's convenience.

The iOS version also loses some content. Many of the available races are only available through in-app purchases. Gone are the "real time" and story modes, though the fascinating and deep campaign mode is still in place -- albeit a bit stripped down.

But the biggest problem is one left over from that early 360 version: a useless tutorial and very little contextual help for the new player. A newbie is best served by actually seeking out a PDF of the physical game's ruleset. That sounds crazy, but is probably the best way to fully understand the complexities of this game.

Final Thoughts

Blood Bowl is deep and compelling, yet hasn't improved much since its original PC and 360 release nearly five years ago. If you've never played it -- and you are willing to dig a bit to grasp the basics -- I think you'll find it to be very rewarding. Of course, if you own any of the other numerous editions, know that the only upgrades are mobility and touch controls.

Score: 6.5 (Above Average)

Member Comments
# 1 tarek @ 09/17/14 08:59 PM
Having never played blood bowl, I found the ios experience to be really fun.

However, now that I'm aware of all the additional features and races available to steam versions (chaos edition) I have to wholeheartedly agree with this review and the points made.
# 2 boxboy99 @ 01/25/15 01:48 AM
I never played the iOS version, however I've somewhat got into Blood Bowl in the years after the original 360 review that was posted on OS. After reading the original review I decided to take a chance on the PC version, which I got virtually for free due to a trade. This is an awesome game if you are into Strategy games and football. To start with, it is worth mentioning that Blood Bowl originated in the 80's as a very complex board game. The video games replicate the board game. If you decided to get your feet wet in Blood Bowl, it is worth the time to do a little research on the game and the rules (i.e. find the most recent version of the rulebook). In addition, there are tons of videos an guides on the game. I just started playing on a site called FUMBLL which seems to be the best place to play if you are looking for a competitive community. Blood Bowl will appear to those that:

- Love complex strategy or board games.
- Love building teams and watch teams grow through league play/campaigns. (And hoping your loved players don't die on the pitch)

Also, it looks like Blood Bowl 2 is coming out this Spring for NG consoles and PC. Anyway, I want to start advocating for this game because it is a lot of fun once you start to learn about it. I would love to see some type of OS league in the future.

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