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A Reminder of the Power of the Almighty Dollar 
Posted on July 8, 2009 at 12:46 PM.
As the OS community's frustration continues to grow over the direction that EA's NCAA Football franchise has taken, I think it is important to remember the power that each of us has as a consumer.

There has been an abundance of posts criticizing the NCAA dev team for some of the baffling mistakes that have surfaced over the past few weeks. Broken rosters, ineffective sliders, lack of a pass rush, uniform errors these things have been discussed and critiqued ad nauseum. These posts might be read and taken to heart by EA devs and other higher-ups... or they might not.

The one thing that EA can not and will not ignore is whether you purchase the game. While we play games to have fun and relax, EA makes those games to make money. Period. As EA CEO John Riccitiello has said, shareholders don't care about the quality of games, they care only if they make money.

With this in mind, before you go out and purchase NCAA Football 10, ask yourself one simple question: "Am I satisfied with the direction this game has taken?"

If your answer is "yes", go ahead and purchase and enjoy the game.

If, however, your answer is "no," do yourself and everyone else like you a favor and pass on this year's version. It may be tough to do if you are a college football fanatic, but the only way to ensure that your message of dissatisfaction with the game is heard by EA is to vote with your pocketbook.
# 1 stlstudios189 @ Jul 8
I think that you're right with that statement man. If you are unhappy with the product don't purchase it. I think that people's passion for college football hold this game to a higher standard than most but, that is their rightful opinion. If the game upsets you that much make a $60 stand and don't buy it, think about it if the game loses 100,000 customers this year what steps they will take to earn our business this year.
# 2 ASB37 @ Jul 8
Spencer this is the first time in 6 years I won't be buying NCAA Football. After running out last year and getting the game a few days early and plopping down 60 bucks, I found a game with so many bugs and problems that it's release should have been postponed. Fast forward to this year and it's a slap in the face to consumers for EA to think that we are going to spend another 60 dollars and another broken game. NCAA football will no longer be getting my money unless a serious overhaul and commitment to excellence is shown.
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