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Gauging Interest - Unofficial OS Podcast 
Posted on March 25, 2010 at 01:02 PM.
I know I'm not the only one who enjoyed the official OS podcasts that TJ and crew put together a while back. They were well done and quite entertaining.

Sportznut02 started a thread in Steve's Forum asking about whether the official podcast would make a return. From the sounds of Steve's reply, it might be a while.

In lieu of the official podcast, does anyone have interest in helping me out with putting together a weekly unofficial version? I'm thinking 30-45 minutes an episode to start, and we can cover threads/discussions from the boards, preview/review games, and also go into some non-sports gaming, real-world sports and off-topic stuff as well.

All you would need to help out with this is Skype (free to download at and a microphone. I have all the tools needed to record and edit the podcast.

From the thread above, ASB37 and Slymm have expressed interest in helping out so far. If anyone else wants to get involved PM me or send an e-mail to [email protected]
# 1 Draxion @ Mar 26
I would love one to listen to. Sadly my 16 year old voice is not a good podcast voice so i could not participate
# 2 ASB37 @ Mar 26
Spencer, I'd like to help anyway I can...I don't think I have a USB mic so I'm not sure if I could participate in the actual podcast, but if you need help gathering topics or something like that I'd like to pitch in.
# 3 Blzer @ Apr 5
Hey man, whenever you want to start this thing up let me know. Next week will be easier for me in terms of a much clearer schedule, but if we find any free slots for this week I'm all in.
# 4 rspencer86 @ Apr 6
Yeah hopefully we can get some things organized soon. Just need to sit down and tackle this thing.
# 5 jhogan3132 @ Feb 9
is this still a possibility?
# 6 rspencer86 @ Feb 14
Put it on the backburner once the official OS Podcasts came online, but those seem to be dropping just when a game releases or big news hits, so I might revisit this idea.
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