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rspencer86's Chalkboard
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# 14
LHSLancer11 @ Feb 23, 2012
Hey man you interested in a online franchise ?
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# 13
RogueHominid @ Sep 2, 2009
I laughed when the other guy thought it was a real trade--I should have put the proper info in the heading the first time.

And yes, you're right, it was a terrible trade by the 'Skins. The guy controlling them has a thing for Garcia that I don't get, and 5 games in, I can already tell that Russell is not going to be the future for me. I don't know that Campbell is either, but he at least gives me a reasonably young alternative with better accuracy should Russell struggle.
BIGBOIBALLA is offline
# 12
BIGBOIBALLA @ Jul 20, 2009
well that is true, but how come jerseys can't at least come out of the pants if they get pulled? You also did make a good point about euphoria but I just think that madden needs a better engine even above the one they have now?
Mr. Fascinating is offline
# 11
Mr. Fascinating @ Jul 5, 2009
Please keep making blogs! Hilarious!
Ty is offline
# 10
Ty @ Apr 24, 2009
Lovin those updated Kauffman photos! It looks awesome! Can't wait to go there in the summer.
zeroice is offline
# 9
zeroice @ Apr 15, 2009
love that fierce Lion you posted for the Lions new Logo,LOL
knighthawksfan is offline
# 8
knighthawksfan @ Mar 18, 2009
Hey what is up dude? U were like one of the first people to add me ur friend's list. What have u been up to bro?
bkrich83 is offline
# 7
bkrich83 @ Jan 25, 2009
Originally Posted by rspencer86
Did he have a disappointing season like he did in real life?
No, he tore it up for me. Mizzou for me was the team that was the most fun to play with.
Ruffy is offline
# 6
Ruffy @ Jan 21, 2009

Fun Career Online NCAA Dynasty your invited!

Won't be a hardcore pace...really leisurely play through it, should be fun!
ASB37 is offline
# 5
ASB37 @ Jan 4, 2009
i think a trophy thread would be a great fact im kinda shocked on doesn't exist already
Ty is offline
# 4
Ty @ Dec 22, 2008
Yeah it's very nice! Hopefully the team will be as good as the stadium.
St3fN_sTrApS is offline
# 3
St3fN_sTrApS @ Dec 2, 2008
Ha ha I'll definately have paragraphs next time. thanks for reading bro.
Ruffy is offline
# 2
Ruffy @ Nov 30, 2008
Posted a couple of funny vids if your bored check em out!
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# 1
RaychelSnr @ Nov 12, 2008
It was from May 24, 2008, craziest storm I have ever been on. The risk wasn't too high that day as I was actually not expecting much. Instead I got what turned out to be the storm of the decade, as it dropped 15 tornadoes over about 6 hours, CRAZY!

Those tours are ok, but I honestly think they are overpriced. If you have a week or so, you'd be better off splitting costs with someone and chasing that way, it'll be a couple thousand cheaper at the very least!
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