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My first day w/ps3... I now am a loyal Legacy-gen guy. 
Posted on January 23, 2010 at 01:10 AM.
I've been lookin' forward to a ps3 or Xbox 360 for 2 years tonight I finally get one. A ps3. FINALLY had enough money. I'm thrilled and excited all the way home.

It took me about an hour/ 1.5 hrs to get it online...whatever , I'm not a techie. (Thank God for google.)

3 software updates. 4 restarts.

I download the patches for Madden 10...I think. No clue where a roster update is, but my internet browser on ps3 was working so I think I was ok there. (Also created a PSN name prior.)

I play a quarter into madden 10. All I can think is, "Wow 07 really WAS more fun on gamecube last weekend with Joe." With 7 minutes left in qtr 2, the game freezes. I restart. My ps3 doesn't recognize the disc. I hear it spin and spin and try to load...nothing. I figure that hmm, I'll try the Show, because I've been DROOLING to try that game for a year. Doesn't recognize it either. I google a possible fix and restore ps3 (Quick version). Game still doesn't read. Either Madden 10 or Show 09. So I played 10 minutes of a 3 times as expensive 4 times as boring game in 2 hours or so. I'll be returning my ps3 tomorrow.

I wanted to attribute it to a "learning curve" or something, but in the qtr. and a 2 minutes or so I did play, Madden was just plain boring. Short sample and would've played it a lot more if I hadn't have the ps3 crap out tomorrow. But I'm leaning toward a ps2.

All that to say this...I now feel like I understand the people who dominate the gripe threads. Football and baseball are the only 2 games I play, and Madden just disappointed me, I thought gameplay would be a lot more fun. Not sim, not arcade, not graphically superior, etc...I just thought it would be more fun. I've never owned a next gen system before. I'm disappointed.

EDIT: 30 min later...I turned on the read it. And now no longer reads it and has the (I googled) you're ps3 is messed up it can't read a disk error. Happy friday night/!
# 1 Eski33 @ Jan 23
I own both systems. Although the 360 gets more love than my PS3, the PS3 has some awesome games (exclusives):

1) Uncharted and Uncharted 2
2) Metal Gear Solid 4 (which is less than $25)
3) Killzone 2
4) Resistance 2
5) The Show

Not to mention Gran Turismo 5, Heavy Rain and White Knight Chronicles are releasing in the next month.

I found Madden to be a game that doesn't WOW you out of the box. The more I played, the more I had fun with it. It is leaps and bounds over last year. Graphically, it is beyond impressive with the detail of the uniforms and stadiums. The best Madden I have played in years.

I would hate for you to waste your money on a PS2 when it will be extinct in a year or two. The PS3 is a worthy purchase.

As far as the updates go, that is normal. If you give Madden another shot, to get the new rosters:

1) Select the option as if you are going to play online
2) Once you get to the online menu, to the right there is an option that reads DEPTH CHART
3) Once you select DEPTH CHART, the game will let you know that your online rosters are not up to date and will ask if you want to download.
4) Download and save....

If you have issues, PM me...Good luck!
# 2 thaSLAB @ Jan 23
Yeah that is strange, and very rare... like Gamer23 asked, where did you buy it?
# 3 ryan36 @ Jan 23
Bought it at gamestop...hence the problem. I'll just take it back and get a different one, I doubt they'll give me any trouble...but, for 300 bux I really wanted to just be blown away is all. It's just life lol.
# 4 ryan36 @ Jan 23
and thanks for the instructions Eski, I really want to make a next gen leap lol
# 5 Steve_OS @ Jan 23
Just watch a good Blu Ray movie, you'll be blown away. I love my PS3, as Esk mentioned, there are quite a few quality titles on the system. I do love my 360 as well, but lately I've been on the PS3 only.
# 6 superstarshad @ Jan 23
The older Maddens were more fun because they had David Ortiz at the helm. He put an emphasis on fun factor. The last Madden he lead designed for was Madden Vince Young (weapons system). Ian Cummings wants to put an emphasis on sim play. They both are extremely fun titles when you accept and appreciate what both designers were shooting for when programming. My hope is that in 2011 they can bridge the gap on sim and fun factor.
# 7 stlstudios189 @ Jan 24
Madden is stuck that way. If it's too fun it's "arcade" if it's boring it's "too sim" if it's in the middle both sides cry foul.
# 8 ryan36 @ Jan 24
well madden is becoming more fun to me, although I can't play defense, and am learning how to run the ball...I like it for the most part, I am noticing some of the bugs...and I'm loving the show so far, can't wait for 10!

I've always thought last gen maddens were "sim enough" and I liked 2k5 but the crazy interceptions, and bad franchise mode kinda bugged me...I never knew that there was a "draft bug"
# 9 Eski33 @ Jan 24
@Pitching Coach...

One thing you have to keep in mind is that the graphical leap between the PS2 and this generation isn't as huge a leap as it was from the PS One to the PS2.

The one thing that the current generation consoles do so well is provide the little details. Things look more realistic. When I first played my 360 when it launched in 2005, I wasn't initially that impressed but the more I played games (COD 2 at the time) the more I noticed little things that really impressed the hell out of me...

The more you play, the more you will notice the leap...
# 10 Stikskillz @ Jan 25
PS3 and the show go together like peanut butter and jelly or baseball and sunflower seeds! Give it another shot Pitching Coach! You just had bad fortune with that PS3. I've had my '3' since 2008 without a hiccup and bought it exclusively for the Show. I've since sold my X-Broke 360 and haven't looked back. The Show '10 will be released in several weeks and I guarantee you will be "blown" away! Madden will collect dust and you should trade it in for the Show 10 when it comes out. The Show is the standard by which all sports video games should be measured. Along the way you will also enjoy some other awesome exclusive titles like Little Big Planet, Uncharted 2, and Killzone 2. However, based on your user name I think the Show '10 will be all you need.
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