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Mlb2k10: My first day, two games 
Posted on June 9, 2010 at 12:06 PM.
Well, this game is a looooot of fun. But it definitely needs some improvement, and slider tweaks. It said there was a game update, and I downloaded it. I don't know if had both patches or just one. There were no more chances to download.

My impressions: ballparks play waaaaaay to small like MLB on the ps1...everything was a single or HR. I hit one double off the wall. The "very early swing" text that I can't find a way to turn off, totally ruins immersion for me. I can tell if I'm ahead of a pitch. Wish I could shut this off.

Game 1: Athletics 2, Mariners 1... The A's brought in Andrew Bailey in the 7th, he threw 20 pitches, 19 strikes to close the game. Who uses their closer for 2 1/3 innings on opening day? Gave up 2 solo HR (I'm the Mariners), Hit 1 solo HR.

Game 2: Mariners 1, A's 0. I am still learning the dimensions/arms for OF's. I sent my runner home from 2nd, expecting him to be absolutely hosed, and he was safe. I then got more aggressive and thrown out more. I hit one double, off the wall. Balls down the line, that roll to the wall, still only seem to be singles for both teams.

I ended up turning up the throw meter influence to 100%, and slowing down the cpu IF, and will probably slow down mine.

If I could get some of the dancing text, etc off my screen, this game would feel more like baseball. But by the 5th inning I was definitely enjoying myself , and making every move I could to win the game.

Once I find the right sliders, I think this game will be a lot of fun. Right now it still feels a lot like softball. I love the batting camera. Tough pitchers definitely seem tough. I'm gonna have to tune pitcher fatigue so that short relievers aren't going 3 innings. But this is a fresh new game for me, I like it a lot, and will play it a lot if I can slow it down a little!
# 1 rudyjuly2 @ Jun 9
It's a very fresh game. Certainly different than the Show which is much more polished than 2K10. It is disappointing that you can't customize more of the display options but I love the analog controls and all the pitching and batting cameras. Personally I use the pitcher 1 camera at 5,1,10 for a straight overhead view.

If you want to see more extra base hits, drop fielder speed down to about 25. 50 is way too fast and the outfielders get to too many balls. I would drop cpu steal success down to 35 but also drop your pickoff success down to 30 as well to compensate (too easy to pick them off at default). The cpu still hits too many singles and unfortunately the power slider doesn't work that well. Try dropping cpu contact a bit but jack up power to the 80-100 range.

Once you get used to the game it's a lot of fun despite some flaws (no errors or injuries to name a couple).
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