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How do you judge a game 
Posted on August 4, 2010 at 01:03 PM.
As a fairly casual gamer, I ask is it fun? That's really about it.
-A game is not fun, if I absolutely can't do something that can be done in real life.
-I keep notice players reacting, moving, and playing like they know what's coming,
or are simply way too good at any one thing
-The balance is way too off.
-Or there're a whole bunch of meters, power ups, completely diff. mechanics for
something in my view should happen naturally (Unable to hit an HR in 2k with
contact swing)
-Or if too much control is taken away from me, that interrupts a flow (pickoffs in
the Show, Fight for Fumble in Madden)...basically if a game has to "generate" a
result by some means other than natural gameplay.
As a franchise player, I ask it is close to realistic?
-Is the trade AI ok
-Is progression severely broken?
-How does the game handle free agents?
Things I don't notice , even though they could ruin a game for some...
-CPU/CPU trades being horribly lopsided (I never look)
-The ball size in Madden, the wrong headband in NBA 2k, stuff like that
-Bad drafts, I never knew 2k5 had a bug
Graphics help a lot...a nice looking/sounding game goes a long way with me

What about you? What do you notice/not notice in games?
# 1 shadthedad @ Aug 4
The game has to feel ilke it's viewed when watching not playing. Once again the game has to feel like it feels when watching not being played.
# 2 DGMikeBarker @ Aug 4
Put it in a category of simulation or arcade; then fun or not fun. I think most people want a fun simulation.
# 3 BurghFan @ Feb 10
First I like my games to be smooth and at a fairly natural pace. I don't want to be forced to sit through some auto replay after every play (that can't be turned off) while mashing the X button because I just want to move on to the next play. Secondly, physics and probability are important. I don't want to see things that blatantly defy the laws of physics and I don't want to see highly improbable things happening on a regular basis. Thirdly, I look at presentation and layout. Are the menus easy to navigate and arranged in a logical manner? Is it easy to find what I'm looking for? Are the stats easily readable and sortable? To me those are the most important aspects of any sports game.
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