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# 12
ampnessity @ Jul 14, 2015
Hey man, im a fan of nba 2k11 I dont know how to say it but is it possible to get cyberfaces from other 2k rosters then put it on 2k11 on ps3? The pc version of 2k11 is really doing great when it comes to this I just wanna know if its possible because on your thread about 2k13 rosters you said you can do cyberfaces. Thanks man Id really appreciate your time.
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# 11
htownballa832 @ Jul 14, 2014
Hey Saaddzz. I need help with the 2014-2015 rosters. I tried two different programs (Bruteforce and PS3 Resigner) to resign the game to my Profile but it keeps coming up as corrupted when I try to copy it over. I'd really appreciate the help.

And BTW I noticed your Qur'an verse on you sig. I'm Muslim too. Asalaam Alaikum and I hope Ramadan is going good for you.
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# 10
GoranDragic @ Aug 2, 2013
Hey saaddzz

I've been following the NBA 2K13- 2013-14 Ultimate Roster.

When are they chalked for release because I haven't seen the v7.5 on 2K Share.

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# 9
yungrich123 @ Jul 24, 2013
2k11 roster 2014 ???
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# 8
mikemillz8475 @ Jan 2, 2013
I downloaded the roster and I saved it to my ps3 but for some reason NBA 2k11 won't let me load the roster this is so frustrating please help
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# 7
Ehddakid @ Oct 30, 2012
Hey saddzz or sumbdy can you please update NBA 2k11 2012 2013 ultimate roster. With cuts & trades as of 10/30/12 because the 2012 2013 season kicks off tommorow if any body makes these changes upload it to hotfile or megaupload. Please. Or. Just send me the ps3 roster file via email my email is [email protected] help plz would love to play my 2k11 With updated roster please go about updating saddzz 2k11 ultimate roster because he added Brooklyn nets n edited the bobcats new Jersey n he made USA team 2012 and Spain 2012 team
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# 6
Ehddakid @ Oct 30, 2012
Hey saddzzz can u plz update the v. 6.0 2k11 ultimate roster's since tommorow marks the start. Of the 2012 2013 seasons I think a lot of trades have been made I would. Really. Appreciate once more n if so place upload day file in hotfile or megaupload site thanks
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# 5
Ehddakid @ Oct 30, 2012
Saddzzz can you upload v 6.0 nba 2k11 2012 2013 ultimate roster updatede file on hotfile megaupload or any other upload sharing site then mediafire kuz my computer dosent let me download from dat site and I'm really I need of this update for my 2k11 thanks would. Really appreciate. It
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# 4
naldzky @ Oct 18, 2012
saaddzz? when will the 2k13 roster update offline link for ps3 will be post?..many thanks
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# 3
naldzky @ Oct 18, 2012
saaddzz? when will the roster update offline for ps3 of 2k13?.tia
saaddzz is offline
# 2
saaddzz @ Jul 28, 2012
Uhmm its on the first page on my forum, just look in my arena, and look for forum named, nba 2k11 ultimate 2012-13 roster in my recent replies, and you'll find link in first page, and tomorrow im releasing a new one.
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# 1
alex_elstone @ Jul 17, 2012
Hey great job on the V1.5 rosters! It says next rosters will be out 3, 5, 7, or 10 days after the previous roster, does that mean V2.0 will be out tonight? let me know, great job youre doing
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