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Would you play a WNBA video game? What about a Woman's college video game? 
Posted on September 16, 2010 at 10:55 PM.
Seattle Storm just wrapped up a championship season. UConn has one of the most dominant basketball teams in history. So why don't the women have their own game? I'll agree that the WNBA isn't the most popular form of basketball (although, I kind of wish it was more popular, these women play damn hard, every play). The women games aren't short on drama, marquee names or heroics. So I wonder, would anyone really play a viable WNBA or WNCAA basketball game if it ever came to light? Is there any way, the WNBA and WNCAA can market themselves to gain a better relevancy in American sports? I think what ever my next paper in college will be, will be about the WNBA and WNCAA because to me, there isn't a reason why the WNBA isn't doing better in terms of ratings or market share.

Is it because of when they play (the summer) that no one really shows huge interest?
Is it because they lack the athleticism?
Is it because their women?
If your the commish for that league, how would you get this league to gain public notoriety?
# 1 UnusualMattyB @ Sep 17
Absolutely not! I would never play a WNBA or WNCAA game. The reason hardly anybody watches the games is because they aren't seeing anything worth watching that the NBA doesn't already offer. It is like watching a group of humans that are trying to be like the NBA but are less athletic, less skilled and generally are boring. Why would I watch a fake version of something when I can watch the real thing. WNBA basketball is worthless, and you can see that in the tanking financial support and ratings they receive. I know this is strong, but I think the WNBA is a joke...I don't want to go watch a bunch of ladies do things I can do without actually being able to play myself...I hope there isn't a company thinking of wasting time and money on making a WNBA game.
# 2 Dazraz @ Sep 17
I doubt we will ever see one. With developers dropping any franchise that isn't a guaranteed big seller I can't see anyone being brave enough to release a female basketball game.
# 3 theprocess @ Sep 17
I always thought something like the WNBA could be added in as a mode, sort of what EA does with the FIBA tournament. Why not? To say women are "fake" athletes is ridiculous, that's why they are called women and not men. We are built different and I guarantee 90% of those women would kill anybody in this forum in a game of one on one.

Now a stand alone would be a tough sell. Maybe a package deal or DLC add-on for a small fee and I would give it a shot no doubt.
# 4 Blak_Baki_Hanma @ Sep 17
The answer is (and will be) a resounding "no".
Simply because the sport is not represented at the highest level.
This is why there are no Softball video games... or "semi pro" video games.
There's really no point to strive to recreate mediocrity.

No offense to women's sports.
# 5 bbolo84 @ Sep 17
Sad to say, but a WNBA game would not make it on the videogame market. Most people don't even know the teams, let alone any players. Women sports just don't do well when compared to men. It's just a fact, and it would for sure not translate well into the video game arena.
# 6 Beastly Wayz @ Sep 17
Only if there was a version of Nakedness
# 7 Scriptures22 @ Sep 17
No, but...

I was killin' it with Diana Taurasi in NBA Street Homecourt
# 8 seeuatthemovies @ Sep 17
I'm all for equality, but come on... Neither women's league carries enough eyeballs or revenue to justify even inclusion in a game. For Pete's sake, we can't even sustain a men's college basketball game! That's a crime unto itself. EA tried to include some women's teams in one of the EA Hoops games on the Genesis and it didn't go anywhere. In this economic climate, why would a developer waste precious and costly resources to chase after a market that's barely interested in their sport in the first place?
# 9 dabigman9748 @ Sep 18
There isn't even a successful men's NCAA Basketball game! What makes you think a Women's NCAA game will even come close to making a profit?
# 10 Adzs K2 @ Sep 18
I would once britney griner joins the wnba...
# 11 jblack21 @ Sep 18
i would no doubt about it..i dont know if anybody remember but on PlayStation on one of the march madness's it was a women basketball mode back in the day where u could push R2 or something and bring up women teams
# 12 Eski33 @ Sep 18
The best alternative is to include WNBA teams in a current NBA game. March Madness had select women's teams included one year (cannot recall which one).
# 13 scottyp180 @ Sep 18
I have thought about this before and w1ck3d50f4n's idea is the most logical answer to me. I doubt I would play as WNBA teams but it could help bring in the female demographic. I just don't know how fun it will be compared to playin as NBA players. It will be an nba game with slightly slower, less athletic players.
# 14 The Yurpman @ Sep 18
A WNBA or women's college game would never sell well enough to justify making it. People want to play sports games with players they can identify and recognize. How many average sports fans can name more then five or six women players?

Hell, I consider myself more then an "average" sports fan and I'd be hard pressed to name anyone other then a few players on UCONN and Turasi in the WNBA.
# 15 scatman @ Sep 18
I love all the responses I have gotten back on this topic. i think the March Madness most people refer too is March Madness 98 (the one that had Tim Duncan on the cover).

My thinking when I asked this question was that, most people like basketball. And while I'm like most basketball fans, it's hard to sit through an entire woman's basketball game. That was, until I stop comparing it to what I see men (like myself) do. Even though now I still can't sit through an entire woman's game, I can appreciate their game. No they aren't as athletic, or as skilled; they just play hard and with the same amount of passion. I think the best idea I heard came from a couple of you guys who said you would play it as an add-on/bundle or a DLC.

As hard as they play, and with all that passion, I know that doesn't sell well no matter how you market it. However, I'd be interested to try it out as long as the price isn't crazy. Woman's basketball like pretty much all of you say, is a long ways away from being mainstream. Unless men hoops just died, it'll probably be that way forever.

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