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Friday, June 15, 2012
Posted on June 15, 2012 at 03:38 PM.
I think I will start a Dynasty where I will sim all of the games. I do not know which I will take yet.

I want to play with my own team, but I want to insert your pros in my dynasty. They will not be on my team, but I will keep track of your own players in the game. I would like this to be interactive, so you guys can comment through twitter messages. Please give me your player info and your fictional twitter names.

(I will boost 3 of your favorite attributes. You can ... Read More
Tuesday, April 10, 2012
Posted on April 10, 2012 at 08:46 AM.
40 game update

NHL Standings - Updated: Jan 3, 2012
Winnipeg 20 13 5 45
Florida 21 16 2 44
Tampa Bay 18 15 4 40
Washington 18 17 2 38
Carolina 17 20 3 37
NY Rangers 26 11 0 52
Boston 23 11 1 47
Winnipeg 20 13 5 45
Florida 21 16 2 44
Pittsburgh 21 15 2 44
Buffalo 19 15 4 42
New Jersey 19 15 4 42
Ottawa 19 17 4 42 ... Read More
Tuesday, March 13, 2012
10 Game Update:

NHL Standings - Updated: Oct 28, 2011SOUTHEASTWLOTLPTSFlorida71115Tampa Bay64012Winnipeg53111Washington4408Carolina4608EAS T PLAYOFF RACEWLOTLPTSFlorida (3)71115Ottawa (4)72115Pittsburgh (5)74115New Jersey (7)61113Toronto (8)63012Tampa Bay (9)64012NY Rangers (10)62012Winnipeg (11)53111Montreal (14)54111Boston (17)54010Washington (21)4408Carolina (22)4608NY Islanders (26)2426Philapdelphia (29)1724Buffalo (30)0811WEST PLAYOFF RACEWLOTLPTSChicago (1)81016Dallas (2)72115Minnesota ... Read More
GM Loonstra was happy to announce the free agent signing of Niclas Bergfors (RW, 79 B-) for a 1 year contract. Bergfors will start in AHL. (cap space: $ 9.699 M)

Carolina Hurricanes Lines


J.Jokinen - E.Staal - T****utu
J.Tlusty - B.Sutter - J.Skinner
B.McMillan - A.Stewart - C.Larose
R.Ivanans - Z.Boychuk - E.Artyukhin


T.Gleason - J.Pitkanen
B.Allen - J.McBain
J.Spacek - J.Harrison


C.Ward - B.Boucher
Pre-season (simmed):

@ WPG 1-0 W
H WSH 4-7 W
@ TB 4-1 W
H FLA 2-6 W

Pre-season ends in a superb 4-0-0 record. This means great expectations.
Goals: Ruutu 5
Assists: Staal 5
+/- : Staal 6
PIM: Gleason 12
Wins: Ward 4


CAR: Free agent signing Evgeny Artyukhin (RW) 81 (C,C,C) GRN 1 yr, $ 0.850.


MON: Acquire Derek Joslin 79 (D) ... Read More

Carolina Hurricanes 2011/2012 roster:

(No., Name, Overall, Potential, Playerstyle, Age)

#12 Eric Staal 88 (C,C,C) PLY, 26
#16 Brandon Sutter 83 (B-,B-,B-) TWF, 22
#13 Anthony Stewart 82 (C,C,C) PFW, 26
#37 Tim Brent 78 (C,C,C) PLY, 27
#11 Zach Boychuk 77 (B,B-,B-) TWF, 21

Left Wingers:
#36 Jussi Jokinen 83 (C,C,C) SNP, 28
... Read More

This is Ron Maclean for a special report from Raleigh, North Carolina. In a press meeting governor Karmanos Jr. has just introduced Jo Loonstra as the new General Manager of the Carolina Hurricanes.
Loonstra is not well known in the US and Canada. This Dutch GM has his hockey roots in Europe, where he played, coached and managed in different countries. The signing of GM Loonstra
... Read More

This morning GM Jim Rutherford asked Hurricanes owner Peter Karmanos Jr. to terminate his contract for personal reasons. Owner Karmanos was shocked when he heard the request of Rutherford. But after the explanation of Rutherford, it was Karmanos only option to accept his resignation. We can only guess why the respected GM of the Hurricanes handed in his resignation. Rutherford was already at the club in 1994
... Read More

Seb170455's Carolina Hurricanes NHL12 Dynasty

GM: Jo Loonstra

GM Skill Level: Medium
Difficulty: All-Star
Sliders: Tazer's sliders (with tweaks)
Period Lenght: 8 minutes
GM Firing: Off
Salary Cap: On
Starting: After draft
Rosters: Update 2 March 2012

I try to play all of my games. I will try to do 10 games stat updates. My back-up goalie will (when
... Read More
I did a Moose Jaw Mustangs dynasty, but I want to do a dynasty with a club that excists. I am a big Habs fan, but I don't want to play my own club. Looking around the forum I saw some clubs do not have a thread yet. Minnesota and Carolina caught my eye. I like the East so it's going to be Carolina. I hope I can keep it realistic, but my lack of inside knowlegde of the NHL will sometimes make my moves unrealistic. Hope you like it and follow.
Friday, February 3, 2012
Posted on February 3, 2012 at 04:48 AM.
NOS Studio Sport
Good evening this is Mart Smeets of Studio Sport Netherlands with a special report about the Moose Jaw Mustangs.

Recently King Willem-Alexander has bought the Mustangs franchise. We normally do not have much interest in Hockey. We talk about icehockey, not hockey. We call grasshockey hockey, but I think the impact of the Mustangs on our Royals and the Dutch people will change the meaning of the word hockey. Icehockey will become hockey. That's why I want to
... Read More

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