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Going The Way Of The Do-Do. 
Posted on August 27, 2012 at 01:46 PM.
I'm 34 years old. I've had video game consoles since 1998. I don't really play a lot so I don't consider myself a "gamer". But I do enjoy them. Especially sports games. But each year that passes it seems like the people that make sports games aren't directing them towards a player like myself. You see, I'm an offline player. And that doesn't mean I just avoid playing in online leagues or friends in other parts of the country. My 360 isn't connected to the internet. I don't own a computer or a laptop. No need for one. I'm a regular "Joe Sixpack." I get what internet I need from my smartphone. And I'm not going to pay for home internet service just for the 3-4 games I purchase a year. So I have no access to patches, roster updates, or DLC. I'm stuck with what's on the original disk, for better or worse. I didn't let it bother me. I found the small glitches and roster problems easy to work around. But lately I'm starting to feel like I'm not getting my money's worth from video games anymore. Take WWE 12 for example. It's a decent game. No noticeable glitches. And it has 2 of my favorite wrestlers of all time, The Rock and Macho Man Randy Savage. Man, what great matches I had putting them not just against each other but with current favorites like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. Oh, wait, nope. The Rock and Randy Savage were DLC only. So I couldn't enjoy playing with those characters. Couldn't even create them. Sure I could've made them look nice but without their signature moves I'd be wasting my time. Which brings me to Madden 13. I've bought Madden every year since Madden 2001. This is the first year that I'm not sure if I'm going to purchase it. I've read on these forums the past few days about all kinds of different bugs and glitches that could make the game unplayable. At least until they release patches that will fix these problems. Eep. No patches for me. Is there any hope for players like me in the future? Will game designers work harder to put out games that work properly on release day or will they get lazier and just worry about fixing everything with patches later? If so, my Xbox will be nothing more than a glorified DVD player. Thank you for reading.
# 1 Bmore Irish @ Aug 27
you might consider giving it a chance. id rent it to see what you think, madden 13 that is. obviously ive only played the demo, but by what ive read and what ppl who have early access have said, or at least a lot of them, is that its definitely an improvement. the total control passing, which is in ncaa 13 which i play btw, is awesome. the new real time physics engine seems pretty tight, and i look forward to seeing the improvements. and connected career modes sounds like the ****, it seems real immersive and thats good for an offline player like you. but i definitely feel your pain, lack of progress/effort is frustrating
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