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2011 Gaming record 
Posted on December 12, 2011 at 10:02 AM.
I wrote back in March about how my win/loss % has dropped greatly and I blame OS. Tougher sliders and sim like play = more fun yet more losses its crazy.

Madden:8-8/ 6-10 (with Cleveland)
NCAA: 13-1/ 14-0 (with Toledo)
NBA: 8-14 (with Detroit)
NHL: 4-7-2 (with Montreal)
MLB: 45-44/ 3-6 (with Detroit and Balt)
NCAA BB: 18-8 (with Toledo)

Total record: 119-100
Total record w/o NCAA FB: 86-99

Total championships: 2 MAC football titles

The best part is all of these season feel rewarding anyways. I am getting into my NBA season as the Pistons are going to play hard and claw there way into the playoffs even as an 8 seed.
# 1 dcal @ Dec 12
Winning with higher difficulty is harder but way more rewarding than cake walk winning. You record shows you refrained from hitting the reset button. What would you say was the most rewarding win of all your games played?
# 2 stlstudios189 @ Dec 12
man the most rewarding win may have just happend last night. I was the Pistons (7-14) vs. the Celtics in Boston. I just lost two games ago to Boston in Detroit 82-88 when I lead by 6 with 2:22 to go the last 2 minutes they outscored me 14-2. This time I was winning 79-78 with :55 to go and they made a big shot to take the lead by 1. I passed to Price who hit the shot and got the plus 1 to take the lead 82-80 the Celtics missed the next shot and fouled Gordon who hits both FT's final score 84-80 the Pistons are now 8-14. Minus a weird 7 game losing streak where I lost every game by 10+ I am a solid 8-7. I hope to build off this win and start winning 3 of 5 every time and 20 games from now maybe build my record up to .500 and fight for the final playoff spot.
# 3 shadia147 @ Dec 12
I like the way you stuck with the northwest Ohio/Michigan area with all of your teams. That's something I've wanted to do too. But I have to ask... Why did you choose the Canadiens over the Red Wings?
# 4 stlstudios189 @ Dec 12
I am from Toledo, OH so I have my favorites from the region but, with hockey I don't follow that closely so after several seasons as the Redwings I went with another original 6 team in Canada that I could build up.
# 5 stlstudios189 @ Jan 18
well I have not had a good start to 2012 in my gaming record. The Pistons are now 9-19 so I am 1-5 for the year and in WWE 12 my CAW just lost the title in the elimination chamber. I just cant seem to win at anything. my wife just laughs now and asks "how bad did you lose" when I come to bed.....good thing she is cute.
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