Strategy Guide
NHL 08: Online Gaming and You

Well we are getting close to playoff time here in the NHL, and the race is heating up like those spring temperatures. Also in full swing is NHL 2008 and its online gaming community after the trading deadline roster update. Today we are here to discuss some do’s and don’ts for having a great experience online.

First off, let’s jump right in here; everything starts at the team select screen. I understand Anaheim, Montreal, Pittsburgh and Ottawa are all great, but for the love of all that is holy, can we choose some different teams? I know this happens with every sports game, but I haven’t seen bandwagons get this full this fast since Paris Hilton, well let’s not go there. Choose some different teams people! If you live in those cities and have suffered in the past with their teams then you get a pass, otherwise try some other teams.

Secondly, get off the having to be home team kick. I understand you are not talented enough to play offense in the down direction twice per game and win, but no need to quit over and over again until you are the home team. This is childish and if you have to have everything on a platter to win in the first place then maybe this game online is not for you.

Next we have the wonderful people that have to edit their lines before each game. Like you know what you are doing other than wasting my time. Yeah it is great you can put Heatley and Alfredsson on every other line, including the PK, but it defeats the purpose of playing the game. You waste my time, and take away from any strategy you might have used to win in doing this. I don’t care if it works, get a life, and just hurry up and play!

Even worse is the pausing the game as soon as it loads, to do who knows what! I’m stuck sitting here thumbing my faceoff stick just incase you un-pause the game. If you need to change the controller configuration real quick then I can understand. Anything else is not needed; you cannot change strategy or anything of substance other than lines. This should have been done doing that when we were in the menus, that way I know to back out and not play you before we get this far.

Just as bad, are the persons who have to watch every replay of everything. Skip a cut-sceen please! My time is limited and important to me, I maybe get 2 hours a week to spend alone with my Xbox, and the last thing I want to do is read “waiting for opponent” for 15 seconds every stoppage. Do what you want when you are alone, when you play me, hurry up! EA should just remove that feature, but until they do…

Finally, it is 2008 and we still have babies online, almost more than ever. I love quitters, they amuse me. You do all these things I mention and then quit when you go down 4-1 in the first period. Take your lumps people! I take mine, what goes around… Seriously, I know it is not fun, but you have to be able to accept losing. Real teams can’t just leave the arena when facing adversity; neither should your digital schmoes.

Real quick, a few other things I can mention in here; No need to scream in the Mic, especially if I don’t use one. I don’t need to hear you on my TV. Although it can be funny at times, I will give you that. Especially when I hear you getting frustrated that you are getting whooped on.

Lastly, learn to play the game, exploiting one flaw to score does not mean you are good, oh and don’t worry, I will pick up on it and learn to stop it. And at the very least, I will figure out how to do it back to you, and boy does that suck when you lose that way! Slap passes, blueline floaters, wrap arounds, one timers, the list goes on. I have seen it all, and if you want to reduce yourself to that do it early so I can know what to break out on you back. My rule is I play clean until you do something dirty first.

Alright kids, there you have it, a few things you can do to help make the online world a better place in NHL ‘08. Be sure to practice, and keep it kosher, I will see you on the servers.