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When slide protection was added to the current-generation versions of Madden 09, many people began to wonder if it could be utilized effectively on running plays. At first I was skeptical and did not believe it could, because it had actually had a negative effect on running plays in past versions of Madden on the PS2 and Xbox.

However, I decided to find out once for all what the truth was. Thus, I decided to run every type of run play in the game, from FB Dives to HB Sweeps to HB Dives -- all with and without slide protection. I ran each type of running play a total of 2,500 times. I ran each running play with each type of slide protection 500 times a piece, and then with no slide protection 500 times. After each rushing attempt, I wrote down how many yards I gained in my notebook.

At the end of this experiment, I added up my total rushing yardage for each scenario and then divided by 500 to get my yards per carry for each scenario. Finally, I simply looked at the results so I could see which type of slide protection, if any, got me the highest yards per carry for each running play.

Here is how I used the slide protections:

FB Dive: Slide protect to the side of the run (left or right)
HB Sweep/Toss: Slide protect UP (Aggressive)
HB Dive/Draw: Slide protect DOWN
HB Stretch/Blast/Slam/Off Tackle/and so on: Slide protect to the side of the run (left or right)

As you can see in the images below, I found that using slide protections on running plays made them much more effective.

Standard run play against a good run defense.

Same format, only this time we slide protect left.

This time the same run defense is picked up, springing us off tackle.

Now we will set it up as a slide right.

All we do is follow the blocks that we setup for a big gain.

Next, as a bonus, I am going to tell you my favorite running play to use while implementing slide protection in Madden 09.

Play: Full House Weak: FB Dive

Playbooks: Run 'N' Gun and Run Heavy


Step 1: Slide protect to the right
Step 2: Motion the RB to the left
Step 3: Snap the ball once the RB passes the Center

When running this play, if you see someone use the run commit, simply bounce the run to the outside. As you run this play, just look at your blocking as I bet it will be simply outstanding. Often times you simply have to outrun only one defender to score a touchdown. This is why having a speedy back for this play is important.

If the defense does not run commit, simply pound the defense up the middle and you will be able to get at least 5 yards per carry, and often times much more.

Final Thoughts

An interesting final note is the drastic difference between my highest yards per carry versus my lowest yards per carry. I had a difference of at least 2 yards per carry for every type of run. The biggest difference was seen in HB Sweeps/Tosses, as there was a huge 4.7 yards per carry difference between my most effective form of slide protection versus my least effective. The smallest difference was seen in the HB Draws and HB Dives. However, even this amount still came out to be 2.3 yards per carry.

For more tips, check out http://www.madden-tips.com

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Member Comments
# 1 PantherBeast_OS @ 06/19/09 09:00 PM
Hmm very interesting study bro. But I found the slide protection to work for me in ncaa 09 alot when running. But good find bro. But hopefully this year madden the slide protection will mean something .
# 2 The_Balm @ 06/19/09 09:08 PM
# 3 marcoyk @ 06/19/09 11:22 PM
Nice! I really appreciate all the research you did. I'll be seeing if these are helpful in the NCAA 9.001 demo.
# 4 Kado456 @ 06/20/09 09:20 AM
It's intersting you said that it didn't work on the past generation versions, as I found it invaluable. You couldn't abuse it, but I was almost guarenteed 4+ yards when used at the right moment.
# 5 Broncos86 @ 06/20/09 10:22 AM
There are games, for me, where slide protection is the only way I can get a consistent block. Other games, LBs are getting in the backfield because of it.
# 6 Carolina Panthers @ 06/20/09 12:07 PM
i always used slide protection when running im suprised some people didnt know it was effective...some plays it doesnt work with it though.
# 7 canes21 @ 06/20/09 12:08 PM
Okay, so we slide protect to the side we run? I usually just hit up for aggressive I think. And on passing plays I will do it if I see blitz and to the side I see it on.
# 8 PGaither84 @ 06/20/09 01:13 PM
I have been using slide protection on my runs since before the game was for sale. At one of our local store, at 8pm they booted up two copies of 09 for us to demo and play a tourny on [one on 360 and one on PS3.] Trying to get used to the new running system, we all had a hard time. So I tried to use slide protection to try and give me an edge.

In my experiance it isn't just important to slide protect in the direction of the run, but if you call a dive you need to call it in accordance to how the d is set up. It is best to slide the protection in the direction the D line shifted if they shifted at all. If there is no adjsutment, and they are in a 4 man front [4-3, 46, dime, 4-2 nickle, etc] I choose to pinch the line and if they are in a 3 man front [3-4, 3-3-5 nickle, quarter 3-2-6, etc] I choose to go agressive. The goal is to have your linemen attack the D line, but also the best way to get to that second level.

Also, not all plays shouls use the slide protection in my experiance. Plays that have pulling guards seem to get all messed up in the blocks if you slide the protection, be they pitches, or the Power O, or counters.

Draw play I cannot seem to find a way to get them to work, but that has a lot to do with the poor line interactions in Madden.
# 9 amoney374 @ 06/21/09 09:47 AM
why do yall have the same play for three straight maddens mix up the plays
# 10 Speedy @ 06/21/09 10:22 AM
No doubt that was very time consuming but it's much appreciated. I would like to simply see the numerical difference in the 2: rushing average w/slide protection and then the average w/o.
# 11 Griffey30 @ 06/21/09 03:09 PM
I have always used slide protection its basically zone blocking. especially with runs between the guards and tackles and off tackles. It enables a linemen to get up to the next level to seal off the LB to give you a nice crease
# 12 Darkheath @ 06/24/09 11:41 AM
I didn't even know that slide protection was in the game. Chalk that up to the "brilliant & informative" manuals that EA creates. Anyway... how do you use it?
# 13 dat boi Q @ 06/26/09 02:31 AM
wow u could actually sit down and play madden 09 for that long

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