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Madden NFL 10: Breaking down the Colts Offense

Peyton Manning and the Colts have had and still have one the most prolific passing attacks in the NFL. One way they continue to have success is by disguising their routes by laying a block or two before they begin their route. The Colts also love using Joseph Addai on draw plays. This week
AskMadden.com brings a two play scheme out of shot-gun snugs to keep your opponents off balance.

Playbook: St. Louis
Formation: Snugs
Plays: HB draw, PA Ram Seam

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Member Comments
# 1 Palo20 @ 01/25/10 02:56 PM
Why is the Colts offensive breakdown using the Rams' playbook?
# 2 King Gro23 @ 01/25/10 03:10 PM
Exploiting the weak flats as well, I wish playcalling and play awareness could be much more complex in this game. IMO they run around mindless not knowing what they are supposed to be doing. But It was a good attempt to break down the colts.
# 3 jyoung @ 01/25/10 09:46 PM
Originally Posted by Palo20
Why is the Colts offensive breakdown using the Rams' playbook?
I thought the same thing lol

And if you look at those flat routes, the defenders are actually in perfect position to stop the play, it's just that Madden's horrendous flat coverage won't let them.

You could probably run that against any defense in the game and the flat routes would be open every time.
# 4 Evan_OS @ 01/26/10 09:09 AM
wtb colts playbook imo?
# 5 ANDROMADA 1 @ 01/26/10 11:05 AM
As others have said...Um, why wouldnt you show the Colts Playbook?
# 6 seriousluboy83 @ 01/26/10 11:53 PM
Lame use the Colts playbook...your "breaking down" the Colts not the Rams...this is exactly why ppl should only be allowed to use team specific playbooks...and if you wanna switch to another playbook you can only use the generic ones(pass balance..****n balance..****n and gun)...and if this way was implamented we could finally see team specific plays meaning everyone will have different plays offense and defense....cause as it stands right now alotta playbooks have the same playart...just a different name
# 7 z Revis @ 01/27/10 02:26 AM
lol. Hey let's break down the Colts offense, but use the Rams playbook. Yeah.. no. Fail.
# 8 Palo20 @ 01/27/10 10:46 AM
"Breaking down 2 plays from the Rams Offense with Peyton Manning at QB"
# 9 Knapper @ 01/27/10 02:28 PM
Actually they really should have used the Colts playbook. It is on of the most unique playbooks in the game.
# 10 tbach @ 01/28/10 11:36 AM
Somebody had to make the Ram's playbook look good. We know they couldn't do it by themselves.
# 11 marc68 @ 01/28/10 01:21 PM
Well if you have ever spent any time at "askmadden" you will soon learn they are about exploiting the games weaknesses. They are always trying to find the "money plays".
They probably picked the RAMS playbook because that certain play works best for their experiment.
# 12 Blackout863 @ 01/28/10 02:31 PM
so why is it that operation sports allows them to do this on their site
# 13 Blkcanes @ 02/12/10 08:57 PM
I feel as if this is some what pointless because it's not like when you play the cpu as the colts it's not like the game is respecting the passing game with Peyton they just go about what they normally do.
# 14 roll2tide @ 02/12/10 09:35 PM
Originally Posted by Blackout863
so why is it that operation sports allows them to do this on their site
Now that is an excellent question.
# 15 kcarr @ 02/12/10 09:44 PM
So, the colts are the nfl's masters of running out of the shotgun? From what I have seen lately they really haven't mastered any part of the running game and if I was to pick a team that has done well running out of the shotgun I would have probably went with the pats.

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