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Madden NFL 10: Slip Screen

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The San Diego Chargers once again made it into the playoffs, and a big part of their success can be attributed to their high flying passing attack.

One of the ways the Chargers keep their opponents on their heals is by mixing is running back slip screens in the shotgun sets. Darren Sproles has great speed and hands out of the backfield, and with all of the other weapons the Chargers possess, (Gates, Jackson, Floyd) it becomes a tough task to always account for the slip screen. This week AskMadden.com brings you HB slip screen out of the trio formation located in Pittsburgh playbook to keep your opponents off balance.

Play: HB Slip Screen
Formation: Trio
Playbook: Pittsburgh

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Member Comments
# 1 CreatineKasey @ 01/27/10 11:45 PM
There's hundreds of slip screens located everywhere in the game. Nothing special about this one. Slip screens seem like the base HB screen in the game.

That trio formation has a way better WR screen than that slip screen IMO.
# 2 jyoung @ 01/27/10 11:59 PM
Screens are money in this game regardless of whether it's going to the WR or HB.

Madden 11 needs to improve the flat coverage big time.

The problem is that Madden's "light blue" flat zones don't work properly.

Instead of staying in the flat, the defender backs up 10 yards off the line of scrimmage as soon as the ball is snapped.

That's why screens are so money against zones, even a hard cover 2.
# 3 taqiyya @ 01/29/10 12:20 AM
Lb and de containment plays blows up screens as well. One time I picked off a screen for a pick six.
# 4 Blackout863 @ 01/30/10 11:21 PM
the more and more i see all these money plays they show it makes me wonder why OS endorses these guys
# 5 oklandr8rs @ 02/01/10 02:49 PM
Far from a money play. My friend and I play 10-12 games a week and using slip screens works very well sometimes, but they are very easy to stop. It is up to the human player to watch for pulling linemen, then rush down there to help on the play.

The version of slip screen they show in the video is especially easy to stop. Anytime I see an unbalanced formation and I am in man I move the weak side safety more towards the sideline to stop the tosses, sweeps, and screens towards the weak side. That usually leaves the TE open for a steam or slant, so I make the DBs show blitz to move the FS more in the middle of the field.

Used correctly the slip screen is effective, while I still don't feel cheated. If you wanna complain about money plays, how about any play with a drag??
# 6 Falconeer99 @ 02/01/10 05:57 PM
I play exclusively offline and I find the slip screen is much less effective after Patch 2. The CPU lets me run it effectively once or twice a game, but blows it more often than not, or at least limits it to short yardage.

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