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College Hoops 2K8 Updated Rosters -- Under the Radar Teams

With college basketball starting to heat up, many are looking to some classic College Hoops 2k8 to satisfy their basketball gaming needs. 

The most recent game in the College Hoops series has been kept alive by dedicated roster makers that continue to produce full, accurate rosters for the current season. This year is no different, with two excellent sets of 360 rosters from Deepball and Raiderfan360.

With over 300 schools, CH 2K8 gamers have plenty of choices for teams to use in a Legacy mode or just play exhibition games. Everyone knows about the powerhouses like Kentucky, North Carolina and Ohio State, but if you're looking for some not-so-famous teams to try out, here's some schools that I found interesting to use.

Northwestern Wildcats

The Wildcats are a traditional doormat in the Big 10, but this year is shaping up to be different. Led by a versatile big man in John Shurna, the Wildcats are surprisingly fun to run with. Shurna has 3-point range, but can also mix it up in the post and is a definite go-to-guy for the Wildcats. JerShon Cobb is an athletic wing who is very good taking the ball to the basket, but can also hit an open trey. Drew Crawford is another athletic guard who can get to the basket, but isn't nearly as reliable from the outside. Alex Marcotullio is a reliable point who runs the offense and knocks down open jumpers. Luka Mirkovic and David Curletti form a solid center duo that can score and provide rebounding inside. 

Drexel Dragons

The Dragons are a mid-major that are looking to have a breakthrough season. Forward Samme Givens is a beast on the inside. Givens hits the boards very well and is also quite proficient at getting to the foul line, though he struggles a bit once he gets there. Frantz Massenat is the lead guard who both sets up his teammates and puts the ball in the basket. The Dragons get solid shooting and defense from wing players Damion Lee and Derrick Thomas. Big men Daryl McCoy and Dartaye Ruffin protect the rim and collect the rebounds that Givens fails to collect. Guard Aquil Younger provides some quickness off the bench if you want to press your opponent or just pick up your tempo on offense. 

Fairfield Stags

As another mid-major school that is looking to return to the NCAA Tournament for the first time since 1997, the Stags boast an intriguing lineup of players. Forward Rakim Sanders is the clear leader of this team, providing scoring and solid defense and rebounding. If you like good outside shooting guards, you may want to avoid this team as starting guards Derek Needham and Colin Nickerson aren't reliable from 3-point range. They, along with speedy reserve guard Desmond Wade, can push the tempo and create turnovers on the defensive end. Reserve guard Keegan Hyland provides the outside shooting for the bench bunch. Big man Ryan Olander, while not a dominating inside scorer, gets opposing big men in foul trouble and does a decent job on the boards. Young Vincent Van Nes does a solid Olander impression while filling in as the backup center. 

Akron Zips

The Zips are perennial power in the Mid-American Conference and this year is no different. The team’s scoring is very balanced, led by forward Quincy Diggs. Seven-footer Zeke Marshall makes his imposing presence felt on the defensive end while providing a solid post option at the other end of the floor. Veteran guard Brett McClanahan is a jack-of-trades as a shooter, passer, and defender. Alex Abreu provides steady point guard play and Nikola Cvetinovic gives them a big man with a solid jump shot. The wild card is reserve forward Nick Harney, who brings instant offense in the paint and in transition, though can be prone to cold streaks. Brian Walsh and Demetrius Treadwell complete a very deep rotation where everyone contributes to the team’s success.

Coastal Carolina Chanticleers

The real life Chanticleers have put together some impressive wins in the early going, and the talent the team has is reflected in the virtual version of the team. Coastal’s backcourt of Anthony Raffa and Kierre Greenwood provides a bulk of the team’s offense; both can put the ball in the basket. The frontcourt is also in capable hands with forwards Chris Gradnigo and Sam McLaurin. While freshman forward Tyler Poole is injured in real life, he is a very solid option in the Chanticleers lineup if you choose to keep him in the rotation. Big man Jon Pack supports Gradnigo and McLaurin on the boards and guard Willie Kirkland can be a spark off the bench. While Raffa is the team’s best player, the Chanticleers have enough solid players to them a good option for gamers who like to take an underdog up against the big boys.

This list is just a small sampling of the many lesser known schools that are option to gamers who get tired of playing with the teams whose games are always on one of the ESPN networks. Feel free to add some of your favorites from this year’s rosters.

Member Comments
# 1 eaterofworlds888 @ 12/08/11 12:50 PM
great for 360 users. I looked on PS3 a little over a month ago and didn't find much. I will have to check again soon. By the way Coastal Carolina FTW! I'll never forget one of my first NCAA basketball dynasties on NCAA March Madness 04 was with them.
# 2 datruth251 @ 12/08/11 12:55 PM
Got my copy last week from GameStop for $2.99 PS3.
# 3 Jadakiss88 @ 12/08/11 01:20 PM
So are there current rosters for the PS3? I hope so if not then I will just have to create a BUNCH of players to make the game more interesting. Do you at least have the option of Auto Naming the CPU players.
# 4 datruth251 @ 12/08/11 01:39 PM
There is a roster on 2kshare on PS3 for updated rosters.
# 5 ven0m43 @ 12/08/11 01:42 PM
Nice, will get this tonight.
# 6 Decco @ 12/08/11 02:24 PM
I just got this game and updated the roster. Nice to see there is still updated rosters for a '07-'08 game.
# 7 MFDOOMBOT @ 12/08/11 02:38 PM
I wish 2K would let you Import the roster file from CH2k8 still
# 8 Jadakiss88 @ 12/08/11 02:47 PM
Originally Posted by datruth251
There is a roster on 2kshare on PS3 for updated rosters.
Thanks if there is more than one do you have any recommendations on which one to get. I will probably be going to get this game tonight and while I develop my MY player's on 2k12. I still might make like 20 freshman created players just to see what kind of results I can get in during the tourney. I heard CH had the best parity as far as upset in the tourney go...
# 9 ticats8 @ 12/08/11 03:12 PM
Except the updated rosters for PS3 are just of the BCS Conferences
# 10 WTF @ 12/08/11 03:15 PM
Well, I ended up buying the game at the local Gamestop, now just have to grab a 360 on the cheap to play it, ha. Love some College Bball.
# 11 ty5oke @ 12/08/11 05:26 PM
Still my all-time favorite game. Been playing this game a lot lately.
# 12 Pitfighter87 @ 12/09/11 12:10 AM
Best hoops game of all time baby!! Been gettin heavy rotation in my box of late
# 13 BOSsTOwN @ 12/09/11 04:02 AM
is there a way to fix BCs jerseys if you download a current roster?

I downloaded a few earlier and in everyone the Boston College jerseys are messed up.

trying to start a Legacy with them but its annoying that they have those generic jerseys
# 14 raiderfan247365 @ 12/09/11 12:21 PM
great article, my UserName is raiderfan247365 but ill let it slide
# 15 OhioBobcats @ 12/09/11 02:37 PM
If by perennial power in the MAC you mean 6-7 recent years, then I guess. They hardly dominate the conference though. They might end up being the 3rd or 4th best team in the MAC East this year.

Kent State, Buffalo, Miami, Ohio and Akron all make solid MAC choices.
# 16 cree ross @ 12/09/11 03:33 PM
Where do I get the roster's from
# 17 VandyRedskins21 @ 12/09/11 09:12 PM
Not sure if you guys would consider Belmont to be under the rader but they are a VERY good team this year
# 18 TreyzAllDayz @ 12/10/11 04:29 PM
You guys think anyone will make an updated roster for CK8 with some mid-major conferences: MVC, A-10 or Horizon?
# 19 Juggernaut55 @ 12/10/11 08:09 PM
Anyone know which PS3 rosters are out there? I bought the game again today for 3 bucks at gamestop
# 20 JBrown247 @ 12/10/11 11:31 PM
Can you play with these rosters online?

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