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NBA 2K12: Best Sixth Men

With a dynamic score, solid big man, fantastic wing players and a couple of young studs on your team, only one thing is missing. A bonafide sixth man. In this installment of 12 in '12, let's take a look at my favorite 12 players for the 'Sixth Man' role in NBA 2K12.

To use these players to their best potential, go into practice and find their 'hotspots.' This is key to a good scoring Sixth Man. (Michael Redd doesn't have any hotspots shown in NBA 2K12)

12) Kyle Korver - 30 yo, 62 ovr, SG/SF

Key Ratings - 90 mid w/ 89 3pt range, 89 FT, 83 hands, 70 consistency.

Korver makes this list for two reasons. The first is his obvious ability to shoot. He can destroy opponents from mid-range and with the trey. Run him off of a solid screen, and the opponent won't know what hit them. With a quick release and a 70 consistency rating, Korver scores at a higher level than his paltry 62 overall would indicate. He is a huge liability on defense however, so you may have to bring help on his man when he's on the floor, especially if he's guarding an elite player.

Best Used As: A white Dell Curry.

11) Brandon Rush - 26 yo, 65 OVR, SG

Key Ratings - 88 3pt, 75 on ball D, 65 consistency.

I know, I know... Brandon Rush? Rush is much better in NBA 2K12 than his 65 overall rating would indicate. He can flat out shoot. His 88 3-point rating means he can knock it down with stunning regularity. He's also decent on defense. Rush plays well coming off of screens for his shot, but he can score other ways occasionally. Definitely not my first pick for sixth man, but let's call him a sleeper selection.

Best Used As: A true 3-point specialist with a little bit of athletic ability who won't be abused defensively.

10) Michael Redd - 32 yo, 69 OVR, SG

Key Ratings - 80 mid w/ 84 3pt, 84 FT, 55 Durability, 88 O Awr, 57 Strg, 90 hands, 50 consistency.

While injuries may have robbed Michael Redd of a potential superstar career, he can still light up the scoreboard in 2K12. He can be insanely deadly shooting 3s from the right wing with his ridiculous range and easy shot to perfect. He's an off-screen type player who offers you less defense than OJ Mayo, and lacks the athleticism of a lot of SGs, but has a more consistent outside shot. The kind of guy who can get you 3 straight 3s or get you 10 pts in three minutes.

Best Used As: Instant Offense off the bench ala Vinnie Johnson.

9) Thaddeus Young - 23 yo, 74 OVR, SF/PF

Key Ratings - 99 Inside w/ 76 3pt, 88 dunk, 29 pass, 82 spd, 90 vert, 85 quickness, 70 consistency.

Thaddeus Young reminds me of young Gerald Wallace. He's still very raw, but he has the ability to out quick almost everyone at his size. His 99 inside rating combined with a respectable 76 3-point rating gives him some versatility. He's best going at the rack or throwing down putback dunks with his elite vertical and dunk ratings. He also carries a consistency rating of 70, very good for such a young player. The best thing about Young is that in an Association, he provides a great slasher/dunk/put back man with the upside to become a very well rounded play maker.

Best Used As: A high energy guy who runs the floor like a gazelle and throws it down on unsuspecting opponents.

8) Mickael Pietrus - 29 yo, 72 OVR, SF/SG

Key Ratings - 89 Inside & 82 3-PT, 84 dunk, 74 LowPostD, 84 spd, 80 D AWR, 84 On ball D, 60 consistency.

'Air France' often gets overlooked now that he's a rotation player on Phoenix. But don't let the 72 overall fool you, Pietrus offers one of the most complete packages for a sixth man on the court. His inside rating (89) and 82 3-point shooting give him the ability to stretch the defense. He can play either the SG or SF spot, but I prefer him at SF. He's also a great slasher and can finish at the rim (84 Dunk). What you may not know is that Pietrus is rated highly on the defensive end in a couple of key areas. His 84 on ball defense rating is the best of any player on this list, and his 80 defensive awareness means he'll be looking to jump the passing lanes and get your fast break started. Pietrus may not be the athletic phenom that he was when he was dubbed the "French Michael Jordan", but he's still a very valuable player, especially in NBA 2K12.

Best Used As: A poor man's Shane Battier with more athleticism.

7) O.J. Mayo - 24 yo, 77 OVR, SG

Key Ratings - 82 3 pt, Off Awr 79, 89 vert, 91 quickness, 45 consistency, 80 layup.

Mayo is best used off a screen, but can attack the basket effectively. Really effective off a double screen. Mayo has some nice plays including a few offscreen plays and some isos that give him a chance to attack the rim. Mayo can help give you the kind of scoring punch that classic sixth men such as Ricky Pierce provided. Unfortunately, he won't give you much else with abysmal rebounding ratings and average on ball defense. He won't be abused on defense but he won't make any plays on that end either. Mayo is prone to go cold with a 45 consistency rating, so buyer beware.

Best Used As: Scoring Punch off the Bench

6) Tyrus Thomas - 25 yo, 73 OVR, PF/C

Key Ratings - 86 inside, 82 close, 79 mid, 89 dunk, 90 block, 75 steal, 81 OReb, 83 DAWR, 96 vert, 25 consistency

Thomas is not a guy you're gonna call a lot of plays for, he's more of a lunch pail guy with amazing athleticism in NBA 2K12. Thomas scores most of his points on put back dunks and offensive rebounds leading to and-1s, but he can step out to the top of the key and knock down the jumper too. He's also a great shot blocker, and give him more than 20 minutes off the bench, he could give you 12 points, eight rebounds and two blocks per game. He's also versatile enough to play PF or C. He gives bigger centers fits with his athleticism and he can bang down low with most any PF, standing at 6'10".

Best Used As: Versatile Defender and putback scorer with some range in the mold of past sixth men like Clifford Robinson.

5) Jeff Green - 25 yo, 74 OVR, PF/SF

Key Ratings - 85 Ins, 80 mid, 78 Stl, 84 DAWR, 88 vert, 79 on ball defense, 70 consistency.

Some people forget that Jeff Green was starting on the Oklahoma City Thunder not too long ago. When I was researching for this piece, Green had some ratings in NBA 2K12 that were surprisingly high. His 79 on ball defense is solid as is his 84 Defensive Awareness. His 88 vertical rating surprised me as well. That means he's still got time to improve and become even more of a weapon. He can get his points in the rhythm of the offense so you don't have to run many plays for him. Green gives you a versatile swingman who can also stretch the defense as a PF.

Best Used As: A skill player who is effective from 19 feet and in. Put him in a small, running lineup and watch him get easy buckets or play him on the wing and let him fill it up from mid range.

4) Jason Terry - 34 yo, 76 OVR, SG/PG

Key Ratings - 85 Ins, 79 close, 92 med, 82 3pt, 85 FT, 72 stl, 85 spd, 90 quickness, 85 hands, 80 consistency.

Terry was the 2009 NBA Sixth Man of the Year, and he's great in that same role in NBA 2K12. His 92 mid-range rating and an 82 3-point rating means that he must be guarded once he crosses mid-court. Combine those shooting numbers -- with 90 quickness and 80 consistency -- and you've got a rock solid scorer off the bench and an instant spark when your team really needs one. If you decide to take your man off the dribble with Terry, his 85 free throw rating will ensure that you come away with points more often than not when he gets hacked.

Best Used As: A sixth starter on the floor with the ability to shoot the lights out.

3) Jamal Crawford - 31 yo, 78 OVR, SG

Key Ratings - 81 Inside, 84 mid, 80 3pt, 85 layup, 85 FT, 90 quickness, 68 Shoot in Traffic, 85 OAWR, 88 SPD, 75 consistency,

2010 NBA Sixth Man award winner Jamal Crawford is still a great sixth man in NBA 2K12. He can spot up and gun like Redd, and he has the quickness and handle to attack the basket. Crawford can play at SG or play as a dangerous scoring PG. Beware Crawford has a very quick release for perfect timing which can be difficult to nail down. Take him into practice mode if you're not familiar with his shot before using him in your Association.

Best Used As: A lethal weapon off the bench, a guy who can score in bunches and run the point, run off screens, or dribble penetrate.

2) Lamar Odom - 32 yo, 78 OVR, SF/PF

Key Ratings - 95 inside & 83 3pt, 57 pass, 75 DPost, 80 OReb, 88 DReb, 75 Consistency.

Odom is the reigning NBA Sixth Man of the Year, and with good reason. He's another versatile big man with 3-point range, rebounding ability, passer ratings and a rock solid 75 consistency rating. Odom is so versatile in 2K12, in that he can be used to bring the ball up if you lack a great back up PG, or he can sit on the low block and use post moves to fake guys out of their shoes. Odom can score from all over the court. He's solid at the SF or PF position with his ability to pass and rebound.

Best Used As: A sixth starter, like Lamar Odom during the 2011 NBA season.

1) J.R. Smith - 26 yo, 76 OVR, SG

Key Ratings - 91 Mid & 85 3PT, 85 layup & 87 dunk, 78 steal, 88 spd, 94 vert, 92 quick, 45 consistency.

Too bad J.R. is stuck in China. He's an assassin in NBA 2K12 with his combination of 91 midrange and 85 3-point shooting. He's also an explosive open court player and can attack the rim with 85 layup and 87 dunk ratings. His speed and ability to get vertical helps him to avoid getting blocked and allows him to go above the rim for highlight reel jams. J.R. is pretty much one dimensional -- he's a scorer plain and simple. He's also prone to go stone cold for a handful of games every year when his 45 consistency rating translates to Smith not being able to hit an open J.

Still, he's young, has good size, and can put up the points in a flurry of jumpshots and drive moves. Veteran 2K gamers know how valuable J.R. Smith is off the bench. He is the best player in NBA 2K12 to bring off the bench for instant offense. His uncanny shooting ability puts him at the top of the list for me.

Best Used As: A unique offensive threat, a mix of long range shooting and elite athletic ability.

What say you Operation Sports? Who is your favorite player to use as the Sixth Man in NBA 2K12?

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Member Comments
# 1 Goblowsoup @ 12/20/11 12:59 PM
I love almost all of these guys you picked, however one of my favorite ones is JJ Reddick. Fantastic shooter, can drive if he needs, and is a good overall player. I've changed a lot of my games around bringing him off the bench (mainly due to his long range shooting). I'd say he's very similar to Brandon Rush in abilities and usefulness.
# 2 JohnB405 @ 12/20/11 01:26 PM
No James Harden?
# 3 stillfeelme @ 12/20/11 01:30 PM
I have to agree this is the best of the best of the 6th men at the moment. Dallas has two on the list along with their playbook they are scary good. Honorable mention James Harden
# 4 Bp2 Triz @ 12/20/11 02:14 PM
harden? ur telling me u don't start him over sefalosha? u probably don't win too many games
# 5 Austin_Ben @ 12/20/11 02:46 PM
Completely agree with J.R. Smith, brought him off the bench the other day and he went 7/8 from three point land along with a poster dunk on Bynum
# 6 Colts18 @ 12/20/11 02:51 PM
List is a joke without Harden
# 7 Ryn Vintage1986 @ 12/20/11 03:51 PM
Jeff Green has a higher heart condition rating than anyone else. And if you're sim, you start Thabo... Because Thabo is the starter and has been since Harden was drafted. (Everyone knows Harden's better, and he gets more minutes than Thabo).
# 8 DubTrey1 @ 12/20/11 03:56 PM
I would not consider Harden an actual 6th man, since he should be a starter - which is what I think a few on here are eluding to. He would start and may in OKC anyway, but would start on any other team in the league most likely as well -
# 9 Champion8877 @ 12/20/11 04:43 PM
harden better start this year, he deserves it. i like thabo, but he isnt nearly as good as harden
# 10 BSmiff @ 12/20/11 04:48 PM
Harden is a beast. OKC might have been in the NBA Finals had Harden not gotten into foul trouble. He is the catalyst to their offense is/when Westbrook has difficulty stretching the floor from deep. Once Harden starts and Westbrook improves his 3pt shooting, the entire Western Conference is in trouble.
# 11 kidmadison32 @ 12/20/11 04:52 PM
You can't go wrong with J.Crawford, Terry or Lamar Odom. Tyrus Thomas is more of a role player or a starter who mostly helps for defensive purposes.
# 12 geezy @ 12/20/11 07:56 PM
Lamar Odom hands down he can do everything, score, rebound, pass, block shots, he's so versatile... why did we trade him?!
# 13 mjbird123 @ 12/20/11 07:59 PM
Harden, or Lamar Odom both great players.
# 14 cmebfresh @ 12/20/11 10:08 PM
Haslem for me in 2k everytime i play with the heat i put up 20 with him with the jumpshot
# 15 djwax90 @ 12/21/11 12:14 AM
Originally Posted by Colts18
List is a joke without Harden
You and everyone else who agrees with you is a joke because you don't think Harden is a starter. Think I'm stupid? We'll see what happens come Christmas.
# 16 RUFFNREADY @ 12/21/11 12:19 AM
I am going to love to see what Dallas does with Terry and Odom! Talk about more than enough scoring power. I guess its a good problem to have.

# 17 redfox219 @ 12/21/11 11:51 AM
the thunder are a great team and so quick too and as much as i love harden (seriously one of my favs i even rock a beard partly because of him) i like seeing him come off the bench.. sure starting he creates more space for durant and westbrook basically more scoring but really they have no one else decent off the bench for them thabo is a lockdown defender thats what they need starting at the 2.. harden is a better player but i just think its smarter to have him come off the bench fresh and ready to roll.. all three are young and only getting better and im sure he will start soon i just dont think he should yet.. and terry and lamar wow if only barrea chandler and butler could have stayed they would basically have 2 starting teams so much deph!!! im diggin the mavs..lamar won 6th man of the year last year and being with the mavs is a nice fit..theres not too many people that can strip the trophy away from him this year as well gunna be fun to watch
# 18 Saviour @ 12/21/11 03:44 PM
Were are all the Knick fans when you need them. Billy Walker is a absolute beast in this game. He has been on of the biggest sleepers since 2K10. I bring him off the bench for instant offense the minute my opponent goes on a run. After a few 3's and highlight reel dunks everyone always responsds...."BIlly Walker aint that good!!!" lol.
# 19 Nodima @ 12/22/11 07:28 AM
Did you people consider Manu Ginobili a starter all those years too? If he's a 6th man he's a 6th man. It's not a judge of skill, it's a role on a team. Lamar Odom deserves just as much zealous starter support if that's the case, but we all know he's better for any team he plays for coming off the bench and changing the tone of the game.
# 20 fatleg3 @ 12/22/11 02:45 PM
Yea Harden should be on this list. While playing online I constantly get lit up by him.

Yes Harden has the talent to be a starter but that is not his role. Heck Mayo, Odom, Crawford, Smith, Terry, green, and Thomas all can be starters for their respective team so why are they on the list?

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