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NFL Blitz: Attributes Explained

Each player in NFL Blitz is rated in four categories:

While NFL Blitz's digital instruction manual doesn't mention what any of these attributes actually do, some rating descriptions appear on pre- and post-game load screens. EA Forum member, Yuri_B, has kindly transcribed all the ratings information into a handy list:


  • On OFFENSE & DEFENSE, speed modifies how quickly your Turbo Bar will drain and refill.


  • On OFFENSE, power helps your offensive line win their blocks, giving your QB more time to throw the ball.
  • On OFFENSE, power increases the chances of breaking a tackle while carrying the ball. 
  • On DEFENSE, power helps your defensive line win their blocks so they can get into the backfield with more frequency.
  • On DEFENSE, power improves your chances of tackling a ball carrier in the middle of a special move, when you dive at them.
  • On DEFENSE, power increases your chances of causing a receiver to bobble the ball when he is hit during a catch animation.
  • On DEFENSE, power increases your chances of causing the ball carrier to fumble the ball when hit.


  • On OFFENSE, skill reduces your chances of bobbling or fumbling the ball after being hit.
  • On OFFENSE, skill slows down the kick meter, making it easier to kick field goals and punts.
  • On OFFENSE, skill increases the chance that your CPU-controlled receivers will push down defenders immediately after the snap.
  • On OFFENSE, skill improves your chances of beating a diving defender whenever you perform a special move. 
  • On DEFENSE, skill increases the chances of your CPU-controlled players performing dives, pushes and interception attempts.


  • On OFFENSE, recovery allows your receivers to fake out defenders more easily while running their routes. 
  • On DEFENSE, recovery makes your players more alert and reduces their chances of being faked out by a receiver's routes.
  • On OFFENSE & DEFENSE, recovery gives players a better chance of not being tackled by doing a stumble animation instead of actually being tackled.

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Member Comments
# 1 Blzer @ 01/23/12 08:53 PM
Skill is the most underlooked attribute for me, then. I would rather have a team with more skill than anything else (also Power maybe, but I'd rather see a 4 - Skill and 3 - Power than vice versa).

Looks like if I were to guess though, I totally would have gotten these attribute definitions wrong.
# 2 jyoung @ 01/23/12 09:00 PM
Speed really isn't that important in Blitz.

It's all about Skill/Power/Recovery.

Very refreshing to play a football game where speed isn't the dominant attribute.
# 3 JayBee74 @ 01/26/12 01:09 PM
Hmmmmmmm...... interesting.

Thanks for the find.

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