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OS Tip of the Day: MLB The Show Ace Pitching

2. Get an Ace

If your team has an ace, then good for you.

No seriously, good for you. You're one of the lucky ones.

But if you don't, do what it takes to get a true ace pitcher. And I mean anything; trade away your prized prospect if you must, because a true ace is worth a lot in MLB 12: The Show.

Ratings matter most when it comes to pitchers in my experience, and in the playoffs it's all about pitching in The Show. Having that one guy that has the ability to throw a complete-game shutout can mean the difference between a top-ten pick and a league crown.

Happy hunting!

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Member Comments
# 1 Heroesandvillains @ 04/17/12 04:04 PM
So true!

CC is carry me on his (rather large) shoulders right now. Check out my update in the Franchise Progress Thread on page 47.
# 2 shadia147 @ 04/17/12 06:48 PM
Does anybody else have this irritating Anthem Blue Cross Pop-up in the middle of this Article?
Can't read the article because of the pop-up
# 3 Armor and Sword @ 04/17/12 07:01 PM
Josh Johnson.....dude get it together, stay healthy and be the horse I know you can be for my Marlins.

Last years show I played as the Yankees and having CC was a pleasure.

In my 1987 Yankees franchise I wheeled and dealt like a madman at the All-Star break as I was out of the race. I dealt Vet's like Guidry, Winfield and Kittle to name a few to land (then) prospects named Kevin Appier, Kevin Brown and Eric Hanson!

Great pitching is everything in baseball and The Show!
# 4 RunningTheNight @ 04/17/12 08:22 PM
Josh Johnson + Cliff Lee + Jake Peavy + Mark Burhrle + Ivan Nova = domination of the NL.
# 5 ILiveForThis @ 04/17/12 08:26 PM
This is so true. I know that Gallardo isn't an ace, but he sure pitches like one. And Greinke as a #2? I can dig it.

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