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OS Tip of the Day: Use Your Farm System in the Show

If you don't manage your farm system right, this guy will be your best option.

5. Using the Farm System

I told you to build it, but you also need to know how to use it.

Once September hits you will face plenty of decisions. Should you bring up Matt Moore (as if he already isn't), or maybe Manny Machado to give him experience? Ultimately, do what is best for your team given the situation.

Bring in some depth for a playoff team if you must, or bring up your AAA guys to see if they can cut it in the big leagues. In real life, this is where the teams out of contention can bring up prospects to see how the future looks and to give teams a look at potential trade bait.

The AI in the show isn't that good, but it doesn't hurt to throw guys out to see what they can do in game.

What is your strategy when the rosters expand to 40 teams in September?

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Member Comments
# 1 Meatfish87 @ 04/21/12 08:31 PM
If you are out of contention then you should absolutely call up prospects and see what they can do. The real predicament is for teams that are contending... do you call up your prospects just to have them ride the pine? Do you play some rookies for the experience and risk choking away a division or wild card lead? Also, what if your AA or AAA makes the playoffs? Is it better to have them play in the minor league post season or get sporadic playing time in the big leagues?
# 2 tjb_32 @ 04/21/12 09:07 PM
Is it me or is it really hard to develop prospects in this game. Im in my 7th year in my franchise and and no team has a computer-generated drafted player that is their best player or a franchise player. Any tips?
# 3 scottyo60 @ 04/22/12 03:29 PM
As the Cubs first year I drafted a pitcher who became my #1 in AAA rotation. Don't know if that spoke to overall talent, but his overall bar was pretty high

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