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OS Tip of the Day: Never Waste Time in SSX

Trick Now, Trick Later, Trick Always

Never just ride down the mountain. That's both boring and unproductive. If you are not building towards a trick, you are wasting valuable track space. Getting a ridiculous high score in SSX means you have to pull a lot of tricks cleanly. So don't try to do a double backflip up an incline -- but do try to never waste time not tricking.

What is your biggest trick combo to date?

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# 1 Blzer @ 05/08/12 11:56 PM
I'm confused as to what this tip is in reference to when playing SSX. When I'm racing, I am not going to spend time doing tricks. Yes, any time I hit the air I will build up my Tricky meter (and I might even begin the race trying to do solely just that), but once I have unlimited boost, I'm trying to find whatever the quickest line is, even if it's somehow through the air.

If you're referring to trick events, I don't see who DOESN'T really take advantage of this "tip." I don't think people ever run through big jumps with no attempt to pull off tricks.

I guess I'm just lost on the tip overall.

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