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OS Tip of the Day: Disable Auto-Moves in Goalie Mode (NHL 12)
NHL 12's menu tree can be confusing and difficult to navigate. Follow this menu path to reach "Controller Settings":
  • My NHL 12 > Settings > Controller Settings

Hidden under "Controller Settings," there are two options that have a huge effect how user goalies perform in-game:

  • Human Goalie Cover ("Automatic" or "Manual")
  • Human Goalie Sweeps ("On" or "Off")

By default, NHL 12 will automatically trigger a "cover-the-puck" animation whenever loose pucks are near your goalie. Sometimes these automated moves succeed in grabbing the puck. But on occasion, your goalie will completely whiff the puck, taking him out of the play and leaving the net wide open.

Switching the goalie cover feature to "manual" ensures that your goalie will only attempt to grab the puck when you tell him to by pressing the "Y" button.

The second option, "Goalie Sweeps," refers to the automatic animation where your goalie takes his stick and pushes the puck off to the side. Unlike the puck cover, NHL 12's stick sweep move is completely automated and cannot be performed manually.

The sweep can sometimes be helpful for pushing loose pucks away from danger. But far too often, it results in a free goal for the other team, as the CPU will occasionally sweep the puck into your own net, or push the puck right onto an opposing player's stick for a quick shot.

Turning human goalie sweeps "Off" ensures that the move will never accidentally cost your team a goal.

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Member Comments
# 1 savoie2006 @ 05/14/12 01:52 PM
Why couldn't EA post this when the game was released. I've seen plenty of complaints about the goalie pushing the puck into traffic. All we had to do to stop this was turn off the goalie sweeps .
# 2 actionhank @ 05/15/12 10:59 PM
Originally Posted by BlackXEyes
heres my tip now

Vibration: OFF - Saves Batterys for wireless controllers
Shooting Controls : Camera Relative
Auto Back-skate: ON
Human Goalie Cover : Auto
Human Goalie Sweeps: Off

Visual Section

Auto Zoom: OFF Fixes the Crazy Camera Shakeing
You leave auto back-skate on? I hate that thing. It drives me nuts when i'm trying to catch a guy down the boards and i'm just skating backwards thrusting my stick into his legs.
# 3 actionhank @ 05/16/12 04:32 PM
Originally Posted by BlackXEyes
I had to leave it on it was just driving my crazy with it off
am just to dam lazy to press the button each time to back-skate
which gets irratating after a while <.<
Fair enough. I guess i've just gotten used to holding the left trigger down while skating into my own end.
Now if only they would make playing defense useful. Apparently my stick is just for show, because it's sure not good for poke checks or shot blocking...
Oh and i forgot, it's good for clearing the puck into the stands.

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