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OS Tip of the Day: Bigger Goalies = Higher Save Percentages (NHL 12)
In real life, small, athletic goalies like Boston's Tim Thomas (5'11" 208 lbs.) can make up for their height disadvantage by coming far out of the goal crease and cutting down shooting angles.

Unfortunately, aggressive goaltending tactics tend to fail in NHL 12, as the game makes it too easy for offensive players to skate by and pass around goalies who leave the paint.

Instead of making your goalie small and quick, try modeling him after a big-body, crease-camper like Nashville's Pekka Rinne (6'5" 209 lbs.) or Phoenix's Mike Smith (6'4" 218 lbs.).

Larger goalies can play deeper in the net thanks to all the physical space they take up. A bonus to staying inside the paint is that, the deeper you play, the less lateral distance you have to cover on cross-ice one-timers, which remain the most-popular scoring tactic among teams online.

Who's your favorite big man to utilize on the net?

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