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OS Tip of the Day: Avoid No Mans Land (Top Spin 4)

No man’s land is a term most commonly used to refer to the area between opposing trench lines during the First World War, typically strewn with barbed wire, explosives, and corpses. In tennis, the term refers to the area between the baseline and the service line, which is only slightly less dangerous. Why? That’s where most shots bounce. Try hitting a tennis ball that bounces right at your feet. It’s not impossible, but it is extremely difficult to add any power or control. Sometimes, you’ll be caught hitting a shot in no man’s land, but get out as quickly as you can by attacking the net or retreating behind the baseline.

Who are your favorite players to play with in Top Spin 4?

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# 1 taiketsu @ 06/01/12 04:29 AM
Good tip, in general, but characters such as Agassi and Djokovic have specialties that allow them hit the balls on the rise better than others. Using Agassi, If you perfectly time a "control shot" on a ball landing near your feet, he will return a ball with greater speed, depth, and angle. Even if you don't finish the point, a well placed and timed control shot can quickly put your opponent on the defensive. The angles open up even more if you step further into this "no-mans land" to return your opponent's lower quality shots. Stepping into the no-mans land to finish points is a necessity when going against the tenacious defensive players online.

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