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OS Tip of the Day: Always Play the Angles (Top Spin 4)

Always play the angles

To some extent, all sports are about angles. But in tennis, it’s particularly noticeable. Every time your opponent is setting up to hit a shot, you should imagine the widest points at which they could hit a shot that stays in the court. Then, set yourself up accordingly. Don’t bother trying to cover court space that your opponent can’t possibly reach with their shots. This is particularly important when you’re playing at the net. If your volley pulls your opponent out wide, you should move over as well, making it difficult for them to hit a passing shot and making it easy for you to direct the next volley in the opposite direction for a winner.

What's your strategy for playing the angles?

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# 1 taiketsu @ 06/01/12 06:11 PM
"Donít bother trying to cover court space that your opponent canít possibly reach with their shots."

To elaborate further: TS4 allows players to hit extreme angles. Whether your opponent can hit these angles will depend on his skill and his character's groundstroke rating. Most beginners will play every shot as "power shot" and this will limit your angles. Use control shots to place the ball at more extreme angles. Catch your opponent's short balls in no-mans land, and the angles will open up even more.

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