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OS Tip of the Day: Know When to Charge the Net (Top Spin 4)

Know when to charge the net

Moving to the net to volley is a great way to take control of a point. But if you rush the net from a bad position, you’re setting yourself up for failure. The best time to approach the net is when the computer hits a ball that bounces short and you are able to return a deep shot. If your opponent is stuck behind the baseline, they’ll struggle to hit an effective passing shot, and you’ll be able to angle the ball off the court for an easy winner. Don’t charge the net from too far away or you’ll be stuck hitting an awkward half-volley that your opponent can put away with ease.

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# 1 bigdoc85 @ 06/04/12 09:52 PM
As you progress, you definitely need the net game to put away points more quickly.
# 2 MufasaMutata @ 06/12/13 06:21 AM
It is very easy to fail miserably at the net. The key is to charge the net when you anticipate a high shot. If they go high you can be in position to set yourself up at least but it’s up to you to finish off your volleys, which can be hard to do. Just know if they hit it back low, you’re generally screwed.

I tend to avoid going up to the net too often only doing so when I feel I can surely finish off a point from there. My net points won to lost ratio is very high…in the wrong way.

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