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OS Tip of the Day: Learn the different types of tennis shots (Top Spin 4)

Understand the difference between slices, flat shots, and topspin shots

There’s a reason tennis games give you three different ground strokes to choose from: they all have their places. Slices are slow, low, and full of backspin, which makes a ball bounce sideways, up, or even backwards once it hits your opponent’s side of the court. Flat shots are straight and don’t really spin, but they’re more powerful than other shot types. Finally, topspin shots are performed by brushing the racket up as you swing through the ball. This creates, naturally, a large amount of topspin that causes the ball to arc, drop quickly, and kick up once they bounce on the opponent’s side of the court. These shots keep your opponent pinned back behind the baseline and are the standard forehand hit by most good tennis players.

What's your favorite type of shot?

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# 1 bigdoc85 @ 06/12/12 12:28 PM
I typically hit top spin but use the slice on occasion for a quick shot down the line.
# 2 Valdarez @ 12/05/12 12:35 AM
Slice makes the ball stay low, not bounce up. It's a lower shot that a player will typically use as an approach shot, to get back in position if they are out of position, or to disrupt the timing of a player in a quick back and forth exchange of topspin.

Though included in nearly every tennis game, players rarely, if ever, use flat shots on anything save net play.
# 3 MufasaMutata @ 06/12/13 06:19 AM
My shot selection and play style widely depends on who Iím playing with. I donít force a certain play style no matter who the player is.

For power players like Serena or A-Rod, my shot selection is based around the flat shot, only using topspin as a change-up and using slices if I end up on the defensive end of a point. Generally 90% of my shots are an attempt to hit my opponent off the court.

I change up my style for defensive baseliners like Jankovic and Simon. I use primarily topspin at different depths and angles and slice shots to just grind out the opponent. I only use flat shots or obvious put-away winners.

Most of my shots are controlled but I will go for power shots when I see the opportunity. You can generate a lot of winners just from well-placed control shots though.

My favorite shot is definitely the slice. Itís such a good way to set up the opponent and can almost always keep you alive. Float one cross court and there you go, youíre back in the point.

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