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OS Tip of the Day: Respect the Settings (Tiger 13)

Whether you're trying to win an open event on Pro, TOUR Pro or Tournament difficulty, take advantage of what tools you have available to you. If you're trying to win on Pro difficulty, be sure to take advantage of everything from caddie advice, after-touch ball spin, putt previews and a much more forgiving swing meter. In particular, after-touch on the ball can pretty much make any shot a pin-seeking bullet, so it's good to use that whether competing in a tournament on-line or off-line.

If you're playing on TOUR Pro difficulty, you'll lose the ability to do putt previews and execute after-touch on the ball, but you'll still have caddie advice and the swing meter. The swing meter is incredibly helpful for putting, and caddie advice can at least give you a better sense of where you should aim certain key shots when dealing the increased challenge.

On Tournament difficulty, all you've got to rely on is yourself and the caddie advice. Use the caddie advice as much as you need to consider certain shots, and don't be afraid to adjust your shots a bit more conservatively than he says in order to avoid flying the hole or putting it too hard.

What difficulty level do you play on?

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