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OS Tip of the Day: Use Your Boost Pins (Tiger 13)

Boost pins are a great way to boost your golfer's stats and lower your score. They can make off-line open events a breeze, and they'll give you a much better chance to post a competitive score in on-line tournaments.

These are especially great if you feel your play style has a deficit in one or two areas. Maybe you tend to shank iron shots or come up short of the green. In that case, it would be a good idea to equip boost pins such as recovery, accuracy, good lie, shot preview, etc. Or you can just use boosts for specific clubs if there's just one club you have trouble with. Since the chipping game can be a bit unwieldy, consider boosting your wedge attributes.

Power is always a good pin to throw on as well, because on certain courses it can mean the difference between making a par 5 in two or three strokes. Just the same, you might as well throw on your created golfer pin boosts when you have them, as your stats will eventually be so high that they won't have much value.

Do you use pin boosts? Which ones do you opt for?

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# 1 DivotMaker @ 06/27/12 11:31 PM
The "boost pins" are yet another arcade gimmick shoved down the TW Devs throats by EA Corporate. I wish EA Corporate would let the TW Devs design a true PGA TOUR Golf game instead of Tiger Woods Arcade. TW13 was a big jump in gameplay challenge with the new swing mechanic and Tournament mode. Now if they could simply bring back TW11 TruAim and grids off by default in Tournament mode, we would finally have something close to a PGA TOUR-like simulation.....

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