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OS Tip of the Day: Find your Rhythm (Tiger 13)

While you have access to the swing meter — and actually, especially when you don't — it's important to find the proper cadence to all of your shots when seeking a victory at an open event.

Pay attention to the feedback that you're given on the swing meter after you swing, as it can tell you a lot about what you're doing right and wrong. Some people find that a more measured swing brings results, whereas others feel that a slow tempo with increased power means a few extra yards that can come in handy. Honestly, extra yardage does often help, but there are certain holes where having a controlled shot might prevent a ball from skipping into the first cut.

Also, look for wacky curves in your swing trajectory in the swing meter. It will help you see if you're going all wonky on the back swing, which might be affecting the quality of your shots, especially at higher difficulties. You can get away with a bit of a wonky swing while putting, but be sure to find your cadence with a few practice swings, especially when you don't have the visual cues of the meter on Tournament difficulty.

How is your swing in Tiger 13?

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