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superstarshad's Scouting Report
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Written 07:45PM - January 20, 2010
Written 09:26PM - January 13, 2010
Written 09:17PM - January 10, 2010
Written 06:51PM - January 8, 2010

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# 11
videlsports @ Jan 21, 2010
THanks SuperShad for replying to my first blog, and to answer your question 1 have 1 daughter who is 1yrs old and 1 on the way. We have been married for 8 yrs, I'm 29 and she's 27, but will turn 28 in FEB.
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# 10
kehlis @ Jan 11, 2010
Originally Posted by superstarshad
Agree to disagree. But I still believe you'll have a hard time winning going against my viewpoint. Good luck!
Your viewpoint that every single 2k player is a casual player? Ok. Start a thread with that premise in the football other forum and see how that goes over for you.
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# 9
kehlis @ Jan 11, 2010
Originally Posted by superstarshad
Its common knowledge that the reason gamers picked up 2k5 were the following:
1. 20.00 price point (look at the wii if you don't think a cheaper price matters)
2. Bells and whistles
3. The gameplay was unbalanced heavily to the offensive side of the ball.

The hardcore football gamers picked up Madden 2005-hence that year's slogan was fear the D! Now...if you're not down with that and still believe my comment is ridiculous, how do you ever plan to win?
How do I plan to win what?

Bells and whistles? As I said, I never bought 2k. I played Madden myself, but have had many discussions with people here who played nothing but 2k and are just as much a sim gamer as anyone else. And yes, I still think it is ridiculous to claim the 2k crowd is all casual.

There were just as many casual Madden 05 fans.
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# 8
Trakan31 @ Jan 10, 2010
Dang man my i am glad you think it's good though. This means i'm on the right path

SvR 2010 is the beginning of the next big thing the EWO......they have been hand selected by The original NWO members hogan nash and hall.

The story goes that since the NWO members are taking over TNA they have selected 8 brand new young stars to come in and and continue the mayhem and take over the WWE.

Members Selected:
Jag 6'10 310 (Leader)
Jacob 6'1 215
Benjamin 6'9 295
Caleb 5'10 204
Tank 6'9 285
Skull 6'7 283
Sabrina 5'7 128
Melanie 5'8 132

So it's now 2010 and the royal rumble is coming up in a few weeks........Should the NWO Elite show their faces we all know that trouble will follow.

This is a new era in WWE......these invaders are not coming alone or are they coming to play......just as the NWO done in WCW back in the day......They are coming to rasie some HELL!!!!
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# 7
Trakan31 @ Jan 10, 2010
NWO RETURN is it that good? No this is going to be my story line on SvR 2010 when i get it here in a few weeks. I think it's going to be pretty good

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