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Texbuk84 NCAA Review 
Posted on July 19, 2010 at 07:52 PM.
First off I would like to thank everyone who visits this thread. I would like it if we could post only the positive aspects of the game here( what we like, dislike but with explanations and fixes),and improvements u think will help with NCAA 11.

Overall 9.2

NCAA 11 brings a new style, innovation, and enthusiasm to a series that had grown stale over the last 2 installments. With the additions of ( what I like to call) fight for your recruits( where tactics are used by the professionals to encourage and win star recruits their programs), all new locomotion engine( which makes the running game superior to all other installments of the series), bringing back the season showdown( which I think is a great addition to the game especially during rivalry week and you want to crush your favorite school's rival),and a host of other additives and upgrades make this year's installment of NCAA football the cream of the crop( if not the best football game EA has put out on the next gen systems).

Gameplay [b]9.5/B]

To most gamers out there, GAMEPLAY is the most important aspect of any game we play and NCAA delivers the most authentic, pure, and fun gameplay to date. From the new locomotion engine(which really allows the use such fluid control over the players motion), advance AI(which really help out with the CB ability to convey and react properly to the passing game. Also this help with their ability to recognize run vs pass), and all new blocking system( where blockers actually block the assigned man which open up wholes for the running back), NCAA has produced the on-field product gamers of the next gen era have been waiting for!

Presentation 8.2

The new menus in NCAA makes for smooth navigation, they are more user friendly, and very responsive( and modern) compared to last years interface. The addition of the ESPN presentation into the game via pre-game broadcast/post game recap has really brought a new take and look to NCAA 11. On top of that the team specific entrances(Notre Dame taping the sign before every saturday game out in south bend, to the smoke down in Miami), the integration of new injury system( here injuries don't take away from time on the field action), and Erin Andrews in Road to Glory add more fire for an already stellar format for presentation. The only setback to NCAA is the commentary which really take away from the atmosphere of the game( which is really good don't get me wrong), and its been this way since NCAA 06. Kirk and coach often say some of the wrong things at the wrong time and their remarks are very outdated this is something that can easily be fixed( which we hope to see in NCAA 12).

Sound 10.0

I really only have one comment for the sound and that it is clearly the best ever produced by EA sports in any football franchise without a doubt.

Replay Value 10.0

With the integration of, Road to Glory, Online lobby and leaderboards, Online dynasty( offline also), and a host of other modes for your enjoyment, NCAA football will definite be one of the games in your rotation until next years installment!!

# 1 boritter @ Jul 20
Good review overall.

But I strongly disagree with your 10/10 score for sound. The most pronounced piece of sound is the commentary and this is NCAA 11's Achilles heel.

The commentary is dull, lifeless and redundant. Additionally, it is frequently inaccurate (Nessler: "They come out in a 5 wide set." Reality: 3 wide set).

Sound: 7.5/10
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