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A superficial wishlist for Madden 18 
Posted on September 5, 2016 at 01:57 PM.
Madden 17 is a huge step in the right direction. It isn't perfect but it does mark the biggest move in the right direction we've seen in years. For those not familiar with my "superficial wishlists" for MLB The Show, I'll explain real quick. On these, I don't focus on gameplay issues. I only focus on issues that some might consider superficial or not as important. While I agree there might be some bigger issues than these, I have more fun focusing on the little things and letting others hammer out the gameplay issues. So yes, you'll see things for Franchise mode, atmosphere, etc. So with that, lets begin the list!

1. Custom Draft Classes I know EA fears the lawsuit. I know as a result they've become less and less custom and share custom friendly. But having an edit feature was never EA's problem nor was allowing us to share the customs. They've overreacted in this case. I hope now that we can custom anything in Madden that we finally get to custom draft classes. The missing NCAA has hurt Madden in that regard. This year we got a step in the right direct by being able to change names after the fact. But I would love to see full draft class customs and be allowed to share them in EA locker.

2. Bring Back Actual Stadium Music or Allow Custom Music A few years ago, Madden had actual stadium specific songs. It was great to score a touchdown and hear the actual touchdown song of that stadium. I wish they'd kept renewing the rights to those songs because it added to the atmosphere. If they can't, then figure out how to allow us to upload our own in certain situations like MLB the Show or like NCAA series did. Also, I hate Madden 17 soundtrack. Most the songs I find very annoying. But that's going to happen. Wouldn't it be nice if I was allowed to upload my own music? MLB The Show found a way around the PS4's limitations there so hopefully Madden can too. And yes, I know the Spotify music works but I don't want to have subscribe to a service when I usually have my own music anyway.

3. Total Roster Control for All Teams in Franchise This upcoming season is proof we need some form of total roster control. The Bradford trade, Tom Brady suspension, a third string quarterback starting week one over two guys with a higher Madden rating are examples of real life things that can't happen in Madden. I would love to be able to force these things into my Franchise. Sure, some might use it as a cheat but some like myself would just use it to help better reflect real life. Other sports games allow this, it would be nice if we could as well.

4. Custom Injuries Injuries happen. For those wanting to simulate at the very least a true starting season, allow us to set the injuries. Bridgewater gets hurt, allow me to add that to my Franchise. Those things can effect the season and the dynasty as a whole. Allow me to put it in.

5. Crazed Fans I remember a few years ago they added a Create-a-fan feature. While I don't need that, but wouldn't be against it, I would like to see a few crazier fans added into the cuts for the stands. Just a small thing that would help ramp up the presentation value.

6. Home and Away Jersey Equipment Adjustments This one is a big deal but for someone with OCD it drives me crazy. Some teams may wear different color undershirts for home and away jerseys. Madden only allows you to select one and it is standard for both home and away. I have been asking every year for this and will until we see it happen. And yes, I understand this isn't a big deal to a lot of folks, but it is something I've wanted.

7. Desperation Trades When Bridgewater got hurt, the Vikings went into panic mode and gave up way too much for an injury prone Bradford. There is no way is Sam worth a 1st round draft pick but the Vikings panic led to making a bad trade they felt they had to make. I'd like to see season ending injuries to key positions lead to these type of head scratchers like this trade.

8. Big Game Broadcast Team I like the new broadcast team. I like the fact they update commentary every week. But I'd love to see a second team for Monday, Sunday or Thursday night games. You could even rotate the two teams to cover the Super Bowl. Just another example of something that could add to the experience. It could also help sell a bigger game when the "big game team" is broadcasting.

9. More Variety for Team Introductions I like the way they have the intros on the field but the animations are the same for every team. After a couple, you kind of are board with it. It would be nice if they could at least add in some personality for the teams instead of the same animation with just a change in what player does what.

10. Preseason Games Sub in Third String and More If I was doing this list in order of importance, this would go much higher on the list. Madden has always only done an auto sub for the second team but third string and beyond gets no love. Real preseason most everyone gets a chance to play, especially in the first game. I would like to see this reflected in Madden.

11. Allow Us to Select Both Teams' Jerseys, Not Just the One We Are Playing As With this one, I feel EA should be taken to task. It is ridiculous that we can only select the jersey of the team we are playing as. Every other sports game, including EA's other sports game offerings, allow us to select BOTH jersey at the game start menu. Madden use to allow it as well but removed this option from us and it is beyond frustrating. The fact we still can't have this back reflects a lazy attitude on the part of EA. Some of the other items on this list I can explain or accept an excuse for why we don't have them. This one I cannot. The only reason it hasn't been added back in is because the programers are lazy. If other sports games didn't allow this, I might would see a reason. But Madden remains the lone hold out and because of that we should call them lazy for still not allowing this simple option back.

12. Bring Back Position Coaches I want to be able to hire OC, DC, STC and watch as they have success, they move on to head coaching jobs in the NFL. I also want to see where they're leaving can have an impact. Things like a different playbook if I lose an OC and replace him with someone that likes to use a different scheme. Also, make us hire a scout to send to watch the college kids. The better that scout is rated, the better chances we have of finding a diamond in the rough.

13. Preseason and Regular Season Storylines I want to read about preseason QB battles. I also want to read about where a player's struggles into a season we start seeing a backup watch. A key injury makes a team change their direction and attitude. These things happen in real life but we rarely see it play out in Madden.

14. Retired Numbers One of the reasons I was one those screaming for complete roster edits was the game doesn't know what number are retired. I'd like to see this changed and maybe then we don't have to do as many edits after the draft. This one is very minor as we can now change it ourselves but other sports titles already have this.

15. Bring Back Team Specific Celebrations Some teams have Touchdown celebrations customs that have been represented in the past but are missing now. The Lambeau Leap use to be represent in the game but it has been missing in the last couple of editions. Another example of EA being lazy and removing something that was in before and then leaving it out. I'm sure there are some of other teams as well and these need to be brought back into the game.

Thats it for now. Please add features you want in the comments section and as always, leave feedback on what you think of the list.
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