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Early Madden 18 News Creates Excitement 
Posted on May 12, 2017 at 04:27 PM.
Tom Brady is announced at the cover boy for Madden 18. That usually would be the huge news this far out from release date. That is a big announcement for EA and usually is the news when it is announced.

And Tom Brady is Tom Brady. He is supposed to be too big to be on the cover of Madden. He is supposed to be one of those guys that would never agree to be featured on the cover. But he's here and yet that's not the big take away for us.

Frostbite engine makes its debut in the Madden series this year as well. That's not the big news either. (We have known that was coming for a while but still doesn't mean that wouldn't be the huge announcement that everyone focuses on.)

Frostbite might improve a lot of things in Madden. It too is usually the type of thing they would run with and try to hide the fact there isn't much else new within Madden.

No, the big news that is cause the excitement is the very little gameplay info we got:

Target passing
Gameplay modes: Arcade, Simulation, Competitive
Coverage Assignment

Those three things right there have us talking. We don't know what target passing is yet but our minds are running to some fun places with it. That has us excited.

Coverage assignment if done right could be a game changer and again has us excited. To be able to put my best corner against their hottest player is long overdue.

But the one that has most of us talking is the one in about the gameplay modes. And mainly that one gameplay mode in the middle: Simulation. Most of us on this site long for a realistic game. We want realism above all else. This could be our first indication we're going to finally get that.

Of course we donít' know what that is yet. We may see something excites us more or we may see something that makes us feel the same old Madden is coming with fresh rosters. We may find out that Franchise went untouched and that upsets us.

But it is nice that for the first time in a long time there is genuine excitement. The hardcore fans are watching and hopeful. Madden figured out a way to get us excited with something so simple it is almost painful they took this long to offer it our way.
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