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Why Weather Postponement and Doubleheaders Are Important to Gamers 
Posted on February 16, 2018 at 08:21 PM.
In this year's MLB The Show 18, we are finally getting rain delays. But with delays, were aren't getting postponement, rescheduled games or doubleheaders. Some feel the developers don't understand why we would want this feature based on some comments made last year. While if that's the case I'm going to attempt to explain why we want this in this blog.

Baseball is all about strategy. When do I need to pull a pitcher, when do I need to bring in another hitter, fielder, etc. Make the wrong call and everyone is going to question you as a manger. Part of baseball is postponements due to weather. You have you ace scheduled to go that day and he's ready but the weather bumps him back a day and your team gets an unexpected day of rest.

But then down the line you're game must be made up. This will either be on an open day or as a double header. On an open day, this could take away a valuable day of rest. That can effect your team as you may have to sub some players that you wouldn't normally have out that day just to keep them fresh. Or you may have to do a few games before because the game being rescheduled is against someone you're in the playoff race against.

And the doubleheader has its own issues. You're really going to be hoping for a strong outing from a pitcher in at least one leg of the double header. And you also might have to rest some stars in one of the two games as well or rest them not performing as well in game 2. These decisions are some Franchise mode players crave as this is something real managers face.

While I'm excited to see the rain delays and the strategy of having to decide to stay with a starter or go to the pen, I crave more of these types of decisions. This is why a lot of us are hoping for more. While this isn't a make or break feature, it is something that could add to Franchise mode in the future.

It isn't about us "not playing the game" as one comment may have suggested. It is more about having to develop a strategy around the unpredictable weather. For a lot of us gamers, we want to do more of what we see in real life. This is a small piece of why this is actually important for us.

Maybe the team will see this or others will help voice this and maybe, just maybe we can see these next year. The Sony team has proven time and time again they value their fans. So with that said I can have some faith that delays is just a starting point for something bigger and better.
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